O’Keefe does it again!  You remember him.  It was O’Keefe who exposed ACORN by going into several offices with a concealed movie camera seeking advice on how to avoid the law when engaging in illegal activity.  Although manipulation of the election process was a primary tactic of the leading federation of community organizers known as ACORN, voter fraud was not the focus of O’Keefe’s expose.

This time O’Keefe is exposing the issue of voter fraud more directly by showing how easily it can be conducted, one could almost say encouraged.  O’Keefe’s group combed New Hampshire newspaper obituary pages and gathered the names of the deceased.  When they showed up at the polls they had no problem getting ballots to cast votes in the name of the dead.  No voter ID was required.  In fact ID was declined even when it was offered.

Now that’s not voter fraud, but does anyone really believe political groups are so honest voter fraud will not occur even when voting systems actually facilitate it?

There is no justifiable reason to oppose verification of eligibility to vote in order to cast a vote, none whatsoever.  There is however, a reason.  The reason is the belief that your party will benefit more from voter fraud than will the opposition party.  An even stronger reason would be to take advantage of the opportunity for voter fraud as a tactic in your strategy for winning an election.  The harder the fight against voter identification, the more one is inclined to think the reason is the latter, not the former.

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