The more you hear Gingrich speak, the more you like him, if you are a conservative.  The more you learn about him and his history, the less you like him, if you are a conservative.  Some highly placed Republicans who are in a position to know him very well are absolutely certain he could never win the general election.  Nonetheless, it looks like Republican voters are either stuck with him, or stuck with Romney, or stuck with one of the others lower down the heap.

The Republican Party is an embarrassment.  Look who they offered to the voters since Reagan.  They put up Bob Dole to unseat Bill Clinton.  No contest.  For a Bush they gave us George instead of Jeb.  G.W. is a fine man, but Jeb was presidential material.  And then came John McCain.  He ran on the Republican ticket, I think.

Today the Party has such stalwarts as Rubio, Christie, Pawlenty, Thune, Jindal, Paul Ryan and more.  Just when we need to be choosing a candidate from such a grand list, we are given another list from which we must pick the name we would least mind being stuck with.  The Republicans best hope is a brokered convention.


2 responses to “GINGRICH and the ‘STUCK WITH’ REPUBLICANS

  1. I put my faith in the American people that enough of them know this will be the most critical election of their lives. The RNC has prepared some devastating videos to run between the convention and the election. By November the public will know Obama like they have never known him before.
    The people will not be voting for Romney or Obama; they will be voting for their country or for Obama.

  2. I’m afraid you are right, Bob.

    But even the worst of the Republican candidates is our only hope to keep Obama from completing his mission and buying enough votes to make himself the next Putin. This is a serious and potentially suicidal problem for our wonderful country. We must vote Obama and the Senate out.

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