President Reagan believed in the greatness of America as a nation and the can-do spirit of the American people.  Obama believes America is a nation with an eroded foundation whose people have become lazy and unable to manage for themselves.

President Reagan restored the economy that had begun to slip under his predecessor Jimmy Carter, and he gave the credit for the recovery to the resilience of the American people.  Obama has not restored the economy he inherited and offers only accusations and excuses for his own failure to do so.

One man was an inspirational leader from the start, as head of the Screen Actors Guild, to Governor of California and then as President.  The other man was an agitator from the start, as a community organizer and then an ACORN lawyer and is still is an agitator as President.

But both men have their own brand of greatness.  One is known as The Great Communicator, the other The Great Divider.

Happy Birthday, Ron

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