Dick Morris says the Catholic flap is a planned plot.  The Democrats know the abortion issue is a loser for them.  The idea is to twist it into a contraception issue and then scare the voters into fearing the Republicans may try to ban the use of contraception devices.

The speculation gains credence when you remember how George Stephanopoulos grilled Mitt Romney with the question of whether or not he thought states had the legal right o ban contraceptives.

The question came totally out of thin air and never before existed as an issue. Romney called it a ridiculous hypothetical question, which it was, and refused to answer it.  But Stephanopoulos did not give up easily.  He seemed to be a man on a mission.  Was he doing duty as a surrogate to set contraception up as an issue?  Dick Morris thinks so.  In a prior post I wrote “If there is one thing the President knows well, it is the art of agitation, how to create it, how to use it as a tool…”  Morris just might be right.

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