I GOT BIN LADEN – a pathetic plea for votes

It was the military that got bin Laden, not the President.  All the President had to do was approve the operation.  Does anyone really believe any American president would have withheld such an approval?  Launching a campaign to promote the notion that Osama bin Laden would still be free today had Romney been President is pathetic.  It’s also insulting.

Nonetheless, let’s give the President the credit he is due.  The killing of bin Laden happened on his watch and he made the right decision to authorize kill or capture knowing full well that kill would be the all but inevitable result.  Let us also remember the assignment originated with President Bush and the Navy Seals were the heroes who carried it out.  The military would have been allowed to do their job under any president, even if it had been Joe Biden.

It’s no longer “Yes, We Can” because they didn’t.  “Hope and Change” won’t work either because now the voters know what kind of change it is that Obama hopes for.  So it seems the slogan this time is “I Got Bin Laden”.  Barry, let me tellya. It ain’t gonna work.  Can’t you come up with something better?  How about touting some other accomplishment of yours like lowering the tensions of racism?… bringing down unemployment?… lowering the deficit?… or perhaps there is something you did to lower the cost of energy, or reduce violent crime, or relieve the immigration problem?  I guess not.  There must be something you accomplished that you can tout other than “I Got Bin Laden”?  You did give us Obamacare.  How about using a toast as a slogan?  Perhaps “To Health With the American People”.

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