Barack Obama has captured 57.9% of the votes cast in the Kentucky Democratic primary. That may not seem so bad until you consider he is running against nobody and nobody won 42.1% of the votes. Of course the ballot doesn’t say “nobody”, that would be silly. It says “Uncommitted”. It is understood that uncommitted is nobody. Any fool knows that. The Party’s primary voters know that.

The man is having trouble in Arkansas as well. It looks like he has won it 42% TO 51%. At least in Arkansas Obama ran against somebody. Arkansas, Kentucky, Obama and Hillary, the four have a mutual history. During the 2008 Democratic primary campaign Clinton was doing better than Barack was in Kentucky. Obama said it’s because Hillary’s home state of Arkansas borders on Kentucky (which it does not) whereas my home state of Michigan does not” (which it does). Karma anybody?

Obama has lost support of the Catholic Church, much of the Jewish community, those white blue-collar workers not working for the government, and many of the unemployed youth. And now he is losing his own party’s elected officeholders. Not one single Democrat in the House or the Senate voted in favor of Obama’s budget. The prominent black mayor of Newark, New Jersey has been blunt in his criticism of the President’s attack on capitalism in his Bain Capital push on Romney.

Who does he have left? He still has the solid support of voters from the black community who vote brotherhood loyalty above all else, ACORN, welfare recipients, Bill Ayers, Rev Jeremiah Wright and a majority of the illegal aliens and dead people who vote. Such a motley group would not be enough but Obama also still has academia, the MSM, Hollywood and all of those people who always vote Democratic because Republicans are so mean and greedy.

You can judge a politician by the constituency he serves. My vote will be cast for a candidate who supports live citizens striving to be self sufficient. My vote will be cast for the candidate who serves the common man with common sense. My vote will be cast for the candidate who is proud to stand and say “I am an American”. As you can see, I cannfor Barack Obama.

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