Obama is making the claim that he is the one who is the fiscally responsible president.  He says it’s the Republicans who are the wild spenders and creating huge deficits that he is cleaning the mess up.  He must be operating on the theory that if the people aren’t believing the lies you have been telling it must be because the lies weren’t big enough.

Watch the video; listen to the reaction of the crowd.  The immediate thought is they are a bunch of useful idiots.  But they are not as much idiots as they are true believers.  Faith is immune to facts.  Here are some of the facts.

Obama’s budget proposals to Congress have been so irresponsible that not a single member of the House or the Senate voted for them. And then there is the deficit record.  The numbers at the left are millions (2012 is estimated).

The deficit figure for Obama’s first year (2009) would have been even higher had it not been for the fact that the TARP loans made in 2008 were paid back, reducing the deficit in 2009.

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