Helene Cooper, White House correspondent for the New York Times refers to Obama’s campaign strategy as the Obama Defensive Offensive.  Do I sense a bit of fed-up attitude coming from yet another liberal quarter?  Ms. Cooper, who is black, doesn’t disagree with the president’s assertion that the Republicans are at fault but she is worried that “runs the danger of making Mr. Obama come across as a crybaby, not to mention opening him up to ridicule from the right.”  The Times’ correspondent is right about one thing.  You can’t win a war by playing defense.

The new tack for the president’s water carriers is “it’s the money”.  Democrats overall have been outdoing Republicans in raising campaign funds for years.  To them, that’s the norm.  Obama raised $745M in 2008, more than twice as much as John McCain.  For some reason Obama’s supporters didn’t say ‘it was the money’ then.

The power of the race card is getting thin.  The blindest grass roots Democrats may not admit it but they can now see the President’s faults.  His opulent life style on the taxpayer’s dollar is one thing that rubs Americans the wrong way.  Another is that he was a no-show in Wisconsin which was the biggest event since passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

One thing he does having going for him is the animosity the Democrats have built up by vilification of Republicans.  The feeling is that it’s better to vote for a disappointing candidate than for the devil.  He was a good community organizer

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