What’s your plan, CNN Candy Crowley asks.  To make everything better, Obama adviser David Fluff answers.  Those are goals Candy says.  We have more work to do the Fluff explains.  Good, but what’s your plan Candy asks again.  It’s the Republican’s fault says Fluff.  Is that your plan, Candy asks once more again.

Plouffe (It’s Plouffe, I’ve just been told but he seem more like fluff to me), Plouffe says we have done a lot of good.  Then he rattles off a list that includes patent reform for inventors but doesn’t include Obamacare, that’s smart.  His brag does include lowering taxes, that’s good.

How do you plan to do more in the four more than you did in the four before, Candy asks, what exactly is your plan.  Plouffe – Look, the people have a choice.  It’s Romney or us.  And Romney doesn’t have a plan.

Here’s the link. Play the video, see how close I came.

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