When the inimitable William F. Buckley said “A Liberal is someone who is determined to reach into your shower and adjust the water temperature for you” little did we know those were the good old days.  Buckley’s comment was clever and amusing because it combined the absurd with a grain of truth.  Petty regulations are so common now that a similar comment wouldn’t evoke the slightest chuckle, instead one would simply ask – so?  What’s your point?

In New York the government regulates the amount of salt a chef can use when preparing a menu item.  It’s enough to drive the good cooks back to France.  Now new USDA regulations are reaching into your children’s food trays and taking away the white potatoes.  No more freedom fries for the kids.  Neither Maine nor Idaho have many electoral votes.

When your mouse dies you do know you can’t throw the little battery away, don’t you.  You have to drive to a battery disposal center and place it in a little bin.  The mileage isn’t tax deductible, but at least they don’t fine you for your carbon emissions inroute, not yet.

A friend of mine bought one of those curly bulbs and it burned out.  Harry’s trash collector doesn’t have a certified CFL or mercury disposal center so he called the town.  Environmental clearance for a collection center is pending review.  Due to budget constraints they are not going forward with it at this time.  So he sealed the bulb in an airtight plastic bag just to be safe (there are children in the house).

Harry went online and found a site that suggested he should call Wal-Mart executive headquarters and urge them to open a nationwide collection center.  I kid you not, here’s the link.  But the same site lists a service that will take your bulbs right now so you don’t have to wait for Wal-Mart.  A company called will send you a container for shipping dead curly bulb(s) back to them for proper processing.  The fee is $120 per shipment.  Yes, that’s $120, not $1.20. It’s no surprise the link doesn’t work.  By the way, Harry is not his real name.  I know what he did with the bulb so I had to change the name to protect his identity.

Perhaps we should mount a campaign to let liberals control our shower water temperature and leave everything else the @&#$%?*# alone.

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