Click on over to the Romney campaign’s OIW website (OIW = Obama Isn’t Working) to find out what identical words of advice the Obama administration gave the nation after 32 of the last 38 unemployment reports.

FOX News
I have noticed the rhetoric from the left condemning FOX News as unfit to be on the air has picked up considerably recently and I wondered why.  Silly me.  FOX works and Obama doesn’t.

The left rails against Rush Limbaugh too, of course, but not as much.  The President has made his distaste of FOX well known (“FOX is not a news network”) but hardly, if ever mentions Limbaugh.  Rush has more incite into Democratic strategies and operations than any ten other pundits combined.  But he is bombastic, irreverent and pompous; the hard core love him but he is not going to swing many swing voters.  Rush is little threat.

Swing voters are thinkers.  FOX appeals to thinkers.  FOX is a threat, particularly in this election where facts bode so poorly for the incumbent.

Why is it the left is so tolerant of irresponsible behavior and yet so intolerant of responsible but dissenting opinion?  They cry for the right of felons to vote.  They ask for no bona fides from welfare recipients.  Through the unions the left supports teachers who don’t teach.  They re-elect politicians while they are in prison (Curley – Boston).  They can hold their adulterous leaders in high esteem but will not tolerate a Charles Krauthammer who gives an honest opinion without malice.  Why is that?

Little angers a person more than to be proven absolutely wrong in ones firm beliefs.  Could that be the answer why the left shows more intolerance of diverse ideas than the right?  It was just a random thot.

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