• Country                          G          S        B       Total
  • 1. China (CHN)               31         19       14         64
  • 2. United States (USA)   29        15        19        63
  • 3. Russia (RUS)                7          17       18         42
  • 4. Great Britain (GBR)    18         11       11          40
  • 5. Japan (JPN)                 2          12      14          28

One present superpower, one recent superpower, one up-and-coming superpower, one has-been superpower and one would be superpower hold the first five positions for most medals. What does it say? It’s not population or India would be high on the list and Japan and Great Britain would not appear. If it were discipline and determination Germany would be in there somewhere. It could be national pride, but I doubt it.
It’s the sporting culture and a whole lot of phenomenal athletes, that’s what it is. A whole lot of phenomenal athletes!

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