It was more interesting to watch the audience than to listen to the President’s pleading for four more years to accomplish what he couldn’t do in the first four. MSNBC scanned the audience and focused on the Delegates frequently throughout the speech. The Delegates appeared to be a somewhat motley group of folks. There were a lot of teary people among them particularly (but far from only) when Gabrielle Gifford was brought out on the stage. We can only wonder how many of those in the great hall and watching on television felt a deep pang of animosity toward Republicans for the horrible atrocity suffered by the former Congresswoman. How many remembered that Jared Lee Loughner was not a denizen of the Right, but a wacko from the Left who hated Gifford because she was too far to the Right to match up with his ideals.

The audience was notable for being heavily black. Blacks make up about 14% of the population but the ratio at the Convention appeared to be more than double that. Make of it what you will, but it was not a good cross section representation of the general population.

I saw deep emotion in many faces, black and white, man and woman. The nation is in bad shape and we all know it, but who is to blame? Once a Messiah always a Messiah in the minds of a true believer. High unemployment, the weak economy heavy debt and whatever else ails the country must be due to Republican policies because Messiahs don’t fail.

The speech itself was all about how insurance companies, banks, oil companies and people whose accomplishments brought them wealth are all bad. Only government is good.  It was straight out of that “Manifesto” book.

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