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A young 39 year old Henrique Capriles has the pole position in a race to replace the cancer stricken Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. If elected it would be a sharp turn to the Right for that country.  Of course there was no other direction in which to turn from where Hugo Chavez stood. Despots like Chavez often come to power by creating the perception of an enemy to the masses then present themselves as their best and only protector.  If the enemy is imaginary, all the better because no one else will be fighting against it on behalf of th

If Capriles does replace Chavez, Cindy Sheehan will have to pay for her own airfare if she wants to visit that South American country again.  Folks like Sean Penn and Danny Glover will need to find another country in which to do their Jane Fonda thing.  I suggest they try North Korea.



This picture is a reminder of the good old days when politics weren’t so bitter, when union thugs didn’t beat up journalists, when elected Democrats didn’t scream “Your are all f****** dead!” right inside the legislature chamber, at Republicans who cast a vote they didn’t like.

Yes, those were the good old days when Cindy and the Code Pinkers set up a clean and peaceful camp a discreet distance from the President’s home. Now protesters are bussed in from out of state to trash and squat in a legislative assembly hall like a bunch of radical college freshman.

Those were the good old days when our President stood on the side of law and order – criticize, debate and vote, and didn’t urge his supporters to “Get in their face”.