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Ask a 5 year old what vocation they have chosen as a career.  And then, after you explain that what you meant was – what do you want to be when you grow up, the most common responses will be fireman, policeman, teacher or nurse.  These are the fields of endeavor that a 5year old knows best.

We recently reported the story of Cody Jackson who makes regular trips to the airport to welcome and to thank returning troops.  By the time a child reaches Cody’s age they have added sixty percent to their lifespan.  They are older and wiser.  Cody, I believe is eight, going on nine.  Excuse me for a moment dear reader; I want to say something to Cody.  (Cody, I put in the “going on nine” especially for you.  When I was eight I wanted people to know I was more than just eight.  You are only eight on your birthday.  After that you are over eight, older and wiser.  In case you are wondering, Cody, I am 80 and a half, going on 80 and three quarters).

I’m back.  Thanks for waiting.  As I was saying, at five years of age, seven is half of a lifetime later.  The answers to the question of what you want to be when you grow up may be the same, but the reasons behind them are new.  Policeman and fireman are still on the list, joined by Soldier and Marine, now the draw for young boys is the appeal of adventure, a chance to see the world, a sense of manliness that wins the admiration of your peers and last but not least, the uniform.

With Cody, it’s different.  I’m sure he thinks the uniform is cool or snazzy or whatever the “in” word for that sort of thing is these days, but this young man is driven by what he can give, not by what he can get.  With that kind of spirit, maybe we can save this great country yet!


Cody Jackson is a man who is moved by a conviction, filled with appreciation and set with the determination to show gratitude for others, others who have given greatly of themselves for their fellow countrymen like Cody, a man at the age of 8.

Standing in stark contrast to young Cody, I recall a recent man-in-the-street interview.  The interviewer holding a microphone  stopped a youth who appeared to be 18 or 20 years of age and asked the Jack Kennedy question, “What would you like to do for your country”? The young man was taken aback by the very question.  He replied, “Why should I do anything for my country? My country has never done anything for me”.

We do have these dolts, these slackers among us but we also have many like Cody.  God bless the Cody Jacksons.  It is in the youth with this spirit that lies the hope for the continued greatness that is America.

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