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Week ending July 16, 2010

White House denies NASA remark on Muslim outreach
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden recently told Al-Jazeera network that Obama told him “to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and engineering.”

Salazar continues to fight the law over drilling moratorium
(AP) Rebuffed twice by the courts, the Obama administration is taking another crack at a moratorium on deep-water drilling.

ABC/WaPo poll reveals confidence in Obama has reached a new low.
About two-thirds of all voters say they are dissatisfied with or angry about the way the federal government is working.

Obama calls al Qaeda, racist
Expresses concern over al Qaeda now that they have killed Ugandans in Africa. How many dead Africans will it take before he acknowledges al Qaeda as terrorists? Apparently dead Americans don’t count.

Clinton fundraiser gets 12 year prison sentence. Read about it.

Wall St Journal headline “Hillary for President!”
We said it would happen, the headlines, that is.

Announcement – Bush memoir Decision Points to be released before election day.
Dems not happy. Original release was scheduled for Nov 9th

Obama household cook gets to be a czar
“Sam Kass went from being a 20-something, Windy City gourmet cook – privately paid by the Obamas to feed them – to big-time White House adviser in a matter of months,”
What’s next, Obama’s barber as hair czar?

Bob B

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Only time will tell. Thus far it seems not. But the maneuver to get a 20 billion dollar reserve to be funded by BP and controlled by the Obama administration was a clever move indeed. BP supplies the money, Obama gets the credit.

Claimants will now come to Czar Feinberg who will dole out the money as Czar Feinberg sees fit. One wonders if the same criteria will be applied as in the selection of which GM car dealers to terminate. If your shrimp boat happens to be named The Sarah P you may be out of luck.

Here is the man you will come to for your share of the 20 billion. Sorry about the image. I am not very good at the graphics.

Bob B

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