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The bird dog flushed these out and hopes you will click the links and read the whole article – only for those you find of interest of course.

High gasoline prices are consistent with Obama’s transformational plans.
Power Line Blog reports

President Obama named Steven Chu his Secretary of Energy just three months after Chu told the Wall Street Journal in a high-profile interview that “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Presumably Obama put Chu in charge of energy policy because he shared Chu’s goal of driving American gas prices far above their then-current level. The policies that Obama, Chu and Obama’s EPA have subsequently followed confirm that higher energy prices was their objective. Now, confronted with the political fallout from his policies and facing rejection at the polls in 2012, Obama is flailing helplessly to re-cast himself as an advocate for American consumers. But he still is not willing to do the one thing that is within his power and that will bring down energy costs: turn loose America’s vast energy resources for development.

You can’t fight a nuclear enemy with spears no matter how strong your arms may be.
From The American Thinker

Beyond their ideological animosity toward free enterprise, perhaps the real reason the left wing activists want to destroy nuclear power is because the plants produce plutonium that is an economical raw material for nuclear weapons.  Leftist utopians dream of a day when the world will live again in the glorious Dark Ages — back when armies used catapults to launch diseased cows into enemy camps.  But until that happens, the real world has nuclear weapons, and if we don’t build them, our enemies will use theirs to destroy the nuclear-free Santa Cruz and most everything else.  Good luck though, with your medieval windmills and weaponized cows.

Bernanke predicts stagflation. Slowing growth and higher inflation. The ‘good news’ is unemployment will range from 8.4 to 8.7 percent over the next 3 years.
Read the full CNBC report.

The Fed cut its growth estimate for 2011 to between 3.1 percent and 3.3 percent from a January forecast of 3.4 percent to 3.9 percent.

The Fed also raised its estimate of inflation this year to a range of 2.1 percent to 2.8 percent, taking into account a recent surge in oil prices. However, it bumped its core inflation forecasts only marginally to a 1.3 percent to 1.6 percent range.


When Obama announced the drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said “30% of our oil comes from the Gulf of Mexico. If you shut that down you will have $14 gasoline.” Actually 29% of U.S. production comes from the Gulf, close enough. But Obama did not move to “shut it down” and the $14 was made up out of thin air. Nevertheless, it does seem we are about to see $4 gasoline or more as a result of the moratorium on new drilling and suspension of exploration leases.

We predicted rigs would leave the bay in our previous post Obama Administration Falsifies Drilling Engineers Report. A later post confirmed the prediction, First Oil Rig Sails Away. The moratorium is lifted but the damage is done. Some rigs are gone and leases (rights to drill) need to be renewed. We discussed the inevitable long delays that would occur in clearing environmental regulations and litigating roadblocks by advocacy groups in Drilling Moratorium Ended?

“Government isn’t the answer to the problem. Government is the problem.”

Gulf of Mexico production graph courtesy of Red State