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The New York Times featured a front page story in last Sunday’s edition entitled The American Archipelago, an obvious take-off on the Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  Solzhenitsyn’s book is the depressingly accurate first hand story of life and death in the vast system of forced labor camps in the Soviet Union where millions died at the hands of Josef Stalin.  The Times author compares our current prison system and finds parallels with the atrocities of a heartless totalitarian dictator like Josef Stalin.

Please note this is a front page story in the leading newspaper in all of America and read around the world.  To a citizen in Europe for instance, the New York Times is the most knowledgeable and the most reliable authority on life as it really is in the United States.  They may not trust our government but they do trust the New York Times.

“Keep America American” may not be a very catchy slogan, but who can condemn the idea of seeking to preserve the great American culture?  Chris Matthews did by characterizing the Mitt Romney slogan as call for return to the days of the Ku Klux Klan.  Matthews’ vision of the country of his birth must be similar to that of a certain Reverend who preached at a certain church in Chicago.

The New York Times equates our imprisonment of a few terrorists who plotted to kill us with Stalin’s policy of committing large numbers of his own people to death solely for the purpose of solidifying his own power.  Matthews’ message on MSNBC is that Americanism is best exemplified by a hooded mob of racist lynchers.  With reporting like this, it is no wonder that Fox News has found such success.