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The New York Times published an Op-Ed piece today written by Ex President Jimmy Carter.  It seems Carter is very concerned about the human rights abuses he sees occurring around the world.  Right up front in the second sentence the former president calls for an end to abuses against American citizens in particular.

In an article that is 753 words long there is only one nation in the world that he censures for having a despicable record on human rights.  You guessed it.  It’s the United States.  There is not one word about China, Syria, the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Somalia or any other nation.  In Carter’s eyes, the only bad guy on the planet is the US of A.

Jimmy, why don’t you go back to certifying elections in Venezuela.  We don’t need you here any more.  You have been replaced.


North Korea is routinely labeled as one of the world’s most oppressive governments under an eccentric personality cult surrounding the Kim family. Harrowing reports from defectors describe North Korea as a dirt-poor nation filled with concentration camps and Communist propaganda. Kim Jong-il ran the reclusive country according to a “military first” policy since the mid-1990s, after a famine that may have killed as many as 2 million people.   The Washington Times

And of course we needn’t remind you of Kim Jong-il’s nuclear missile threats against the United States.  North Korea made the effort, they just didn’t have any success.

Now, along comes Jimmy Carter to wish them success.

Former President Jimmy Carter has sent North Korea a message of condolence over the death of Kim Jong-il and wished “every success” to the man expected to take over as dictator, according to the communist country’s state-run news agency.  The Washington Times

Republicans have had their embarrassments as well, Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, to name just two.  The worst among the lot were dishonest, others corrupt and still others made some pretty bad decisions. The same thing could be said the string of Democratic presidents.  Which party has given us the best and the worst is a subject for legitimate debate.  But only two presidents have shown the world their animosity toward the country they came to lead.  At least we can be thankful that one of them is out of office.