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Steve Capus,president of NBC News apologized for a mistake.  What mistake?  It would be the height of naivety to believe that such careful altering of the tape was a mistake and not a deliberate act.

A respectable news agency will have zero tolerance for dishonesty of this sort.  Steve Capus is the captain of the ship; he is the one who should go, not just some anonymous producer who got caught exposing the extent of bias that appears to exist throughout the network.  At an upright news outlet a producer would know he was risking his job if he doctored a tape in a way to give an allusion opposite to the truth.

NBC is becoming MSNBC lite.

An aside.  False apologies are common place.  When an apology takes the form “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings” it is not an apology at all. It’s an expression of regret that the offended person doesn’t agree with the offender.  A: You are an ugly pig.  B: You owe me an apology. A: I apologize because you were offended when I pointed it out.