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Gallup has just released their monthly poll of registered voters. Just 39% said they will likely vote for Obama in the 2012 election. While 47% said they would be more likely to vote for any Republican who ran against him. Eight points is a very significant spread. The Dude is in deep doodoo.

That’s not a pretty picture. How about this one – the bloom is off the rose. Obama was going to close Gitmo. He didn’t. Obama was going to end the “Bush tax cuts for the rich.” He didn’t. Obama was going to bring down unemployment. He didn’t. Obama was going to bring new transparency to government. He didn’t. Whatever you hoped for, Obama was going to change things and make it happen. He didn’t. Obama was going to raise worldwide respect for America. He didn’t. Obama was going to heal the planet, make the oceans recede and create new jobs for the jobless. He didn’t.

More and more of the President’s supporters are realizing that Yes We Can was a hollow slogan by a president who can’t. But conservatives must not become complacent. A day can be like a year in politics. It is not a time for rest. The truth is our weapon and we must continue brandishing it with fervor.