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The Democratic Party is the party of the government, for the government and by the government. The Republican Party is the party of the rest of the people.

Government is the civic worker’s employer. The Republican Party calls for downsizing of government. Downsizing brings job insecurity and lessened opportunity for workers on a government payroll. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, fights for growth and expansion of government. For those employed by government the Democratic Party offers greater job security and an increased measure of opportunity. Thus it is reasonable and natural that the Democratic Party would be the party of the government.

Today’s passage of the 26B dollar State funding bill is a prime example. It was promoted by the Administration as a bill to send money from the Federal government to the State governments for payment of salaries to teachers, police, firemen and first responders, government workers all.

The Republican Party argues for growth in all areas, except government. In the matter of job security, the Republican Party is the party of everyone other than government employees. In that sense, it is the party of the people.

Herein lie the makings of a vicious cycle. The bigger government gets, the more people there are who vote for bigger government. Democracy is a fragile system. This is just one of its vulnerabilities.

Bob B

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