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Rick Santorum has given his full blessing to his campaign manager’s decision to work in the Romney campaign to bring Santorum’s constituency into Romney’s camp.  Santorum is expected to follow up with a full endorsement soon.

Mike Biundo’s decision to join the Romney campaign is a significant step in the healing process after the hotly contested primary race.  If the other Republican contenders also show support, as some surely will, Romney’s chances of ousting Barack Obama will be very good indeed.  Even hard core Democrats have lost a lot of their enthusiasm for the President.  They will not vote against Obama but many will not bother going to the polls.  Republicans, on the other hand, see the 2012 election as the most important vote they will cast in their lifetime and not succumb to the same lethargy.

Santorum’s support is the first pickle out of the jar.  The rest will come easy.  Obama has a little over six months to pull off a miracle on jobs and the economy.  What he could not do in 3 ½ years he is not going to do in 6 months.  Money is pouring in to fund the fight.  Mitt Romney is beginning to look like a winner.