Every once in a while we get so fed up we just need some release. Single folks have no spouse to beat up. Mormons and AA members can’t tip themselves a drink. Most of the rest of us want to stay married and sober so what’s a poor angry soul to do?

Find release in Ann Coulter?  I mean by reading her stuff, and yelling “Right on Ann ! Give it to ‘em”. That might help but the trouble is some of us don’t care too much for Ann. The next time you need a quick fix try Burt, Burt Prelutsky. If Krauthammer is Mozart, Prelutsky is Rachmaninoff. Some of your liberal friends might say he is more like acid rock.

Here is a free sample:

Speaking of paying for political favors, inquiring minds want to know if Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu have to return their bribes now that ObamaCare has been given the big thumbs down by one of Obama’s very own death panels. (laughter and applause)

The other day, while thinking about the fact that things such as the Copenhagen global-warming fiasco; the East Anglia Climategate scandal; Obama’s absolute lack of transparency; his packing his administration with lobbyists and tax cheats; the lock-outs of Republicans by Pelosi and Reid from the legislative process; the trashing of the Tea Party participants by the Democrats; and the insistence by Obama that conservatives sit down and shut up; are either ignored or sanctioned by the mass media, I found myself wondering what actually takes place at an editorial board meeting at the New York Times and the Washington Post. Do these left-wing elitists really, as I suspect, just sit around and ask one another which major news stories they won’t cover in tomorrow’s edition?

Now that you got that off your chest, even if just by proxy, don’t you feel a bit better?

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