Apparently the moose population has declined in Minnesota. The Minneapolis Star Tribune explains moose are heat sensitive and “researchers continue to believe”… Let’s stop right there for a moment. Whenever you read “studies show” or “researcher say” the best thing to do is immediately skip to the next paragraph or beyond. If the writer knew of any studies or research he would have named them.

Back to the story, hat tip to Power Line,,.the Trib goes on to tie the moose decline to global warming. Over the last 50 years mean temps in Minnesota have increased one half of one degree fahrenheit. That is 0.01% every year. Wow! I had no idea moose were that sensitive. I no longer dare say how awkward they look if there is a bull moose around.
Personally, I don’t think global warming is the reason. If it were, the moose population in other states that are also part of the globe and must be warming would not be increasing, but it is. If  it’s not global warming the only other thing it could be is something Bush did. Must be.

Time magazine has an explanation for the great blizzards of 2010. Guess what. It’s global warming. Read it here. Prediction – look for articles about how older Americans are freezing to death in unheated apartments due to global warming.

Here comes the New York Times, verily as I type, with their 50 cents worth. Drudge points to the article with this – “NYT- Blizzard due to warming”. That’s a little harsh. It is not a bad article. I liked the part about Senator Inhofe building a 6 foot high igloo on capitol hill with a sign on it “Al Gore’s New Home”.

Bob B

By the bye, a little increase in traffic on my blog would encourage me to continue. I will pay two donuts for every certified reader you introduce to Random Thots. Three donuts for liberals.

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