It is the biggest event in Russia. It’s the annual Victory Day celebration. You have seen the films of the once glorious USSR holding high its fist of defiance against the free world in a parade of its military might through Moscow’s Red Square. It is the annual display of missiles, men and machines, a menacing show of force intimidating to all who might stand in the way of the “evil empire”. For this year’s parade newly painted posters of Stalin are planned to be included, in honor of this leader who called for the murder of more of his own countrymen in peacetime than were killed in wartime battle.

If you were President of the United States would you send a contingent of American soldiers to march in Red Square under the banner of Stalin? Obama, as Commander in Chief is ordering American soldiers to do just that. Britain, to their shame, is doing the same. The British press, to their credit is reporting it. I have seen nothing about it in the American general media.

Bob B

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