Is Pay-to-Play coming to a state near you?

Albany Democrats want to charge $50,000 for access to State Representatives. If I lived in New York and wanted to see my representative my question would be: Will I need to pay $50,000 one time or every year?

I wondered why the Republicans don’t charge. Then I realized they have no power in New York. Perhaps that is why there are fewer Republicans in New York. There is no money in it.

This is not a joke, Here is the link to the story. It was not very many years ago the MSM claimed neutrality. No more. It was not many years ago, perhaps 1 1/2 that politicians claimed to be corruption free. No more. From Louisiana to Albany it is now an open practice.

The Real Grass Roots
What could be more – of the people, by the people, from the people and to the people – than the blogosphere?

Truth has always been elusive and so it remains, but less so. In the blogosphere many tales are told from all sides of every story. There is Google, Snopes and more to verify or discredit the tales. It was access to verifiable truth than brought down Dan Rather.

Brazen Pay-to-play in Albany should be national news. Now it is.

Bob B

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