A cadre of Black Congressmen walks through a gathering of mostly white folks milling about in peaceful protest. The crowd is orderly and of its’ own accord, clears a broad path for the advancing men. But one overzealous individual in the crowd is given to shouting with hands cupped to send his angry message directly at the politicians passing by. He is ignored by them, as they climb the steps they keep a discreet distance from the shouting protester, except for one, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D) MO.
Cleaver stops, steps close to the shouter and confronts him face to face. Now I must say, if a Congressman is stupid enough to go out of his way to put his face in front of an angry man screaming his lungs out at him, he has no business complaining about the natural result. He may have stepped in front of a shower but he was not spat upon. A tourist, looking somewhat lost, was heard to say – “A mad protester and a stupid politician. This must be Washington.”
Cleaver then follows the others, who never broke stride. A single member of the Capital police force, a young woman, trails casually along at the rear.

You have no doubt seen the reports – Tea Bagger spits on civil rights hero John Lewis. Protesters scream ‘nigger’ and ‘faggot’. Police escort Congressmen safely into building. Spitter arrested by Capital Police. Now you have seen the video. No one came close to John Lewis let alone spat upon him. Capitol police confirm no one was arrested, in fact no spitting took place. A police woman trailing casually is hardly an escort to safety. Given the preceding lies it would take a fool to assume an unconfirmed allegation of slurs is a splash of truth in a puddle of muddy lies.
There is purpose in all this. The Democratic party is now controlled by the radical left. The Tea Party people are a serious threat to the advancement of Socialism in America. Whatever they are, whoever they may be, they must be stopped. They must be destroyed if Socialism is to triumph in America.

Alinsky Tactics Rule #13 “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.”
Alinsky Tactics Rule #4 “Make the enemy live up to their own values.”

The modern Democratic party, aided by the press, have picked the Tea Party people as a target. They will make the most they can out of it when someone in the crowd violates Tea Party values.

Alinsky Ethics Rule #1 Ethics are for observers, not for doers.
Alinsky Ethics Rule #3 “…the ends justifies almost any means”
When there is no violation of values, claim there was one anyway. Victory must not be sacrificed to ethics.

The fight has been joined. We are learning the methods used by our adversaries so that we may not be fooled. Reagan’s America is under attack from within. But we are alive and well we are going to vote the bums out!

Bob B

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