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Conservatives complain about the main stream media, and rightly so.  But there is another main stream and it’s a good one.  It’s main stream America.  Stray too far from it and you will find yourself in a vulnerable spot.  The left has strayed too far from it and main stream America is finally taking notice.

A recent survey found 60% of Americans now declare themselves to be conservatives.  That’s a substantial increase from prior estimates.  It would be reasonable to presume that the shift is largely due to the left’s having moved too far from the middle for the comfort of independents.  How many moderates are happy supporters of the Occupy Wall Street campers, for instance?

The 2010 election results, the popularity of libertarian Ron Paul and the even stranger popularity of Donald Trump, momentary though it was, indicate the people have had enough.  They have listened to enough platitudes and compromising language; strong talk is what they want to hear now.

FOX News has more viewers than all the other cable networks combined.  The blogosphere has evolved from a pajama game to become a genuine threat to the New York Times.  And let’s not forget the Tea Party, a true grass roots phenomenon that rose from the right.  The Tea Party is healthy and strong four years after its birth precisely because the Tea Party is main stream America.  The Occupy movement failed badly after only a few months because it is not.  Just a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court threw out voting district maps drawn to favor the Democratic Party by a liberal judge.  The decision was unanimous.

The Right is exerting itself in many ways.  Nevertheless, the Left still grows stronger.  Obama announces a cut in the size of the armed forces, military men and women who pledge their allegiance to the Constitution.  And then the President promises to create a domestic police force larger and more powerful than the U.S. Army.  Presumably such a force would be beholden to the President, not to the Constitution.

Recently a Bill was introduced in Congress that would lay the foundation for cybercensorship.  Both sides initially supported it because the advantages were obvious and the disadvantages of no concern as long as you could trust government.  This one really was a step too far.  No one trusts government; no one ever should.  That’s why we have three branches and the separation of powers.  Congress never passed the Bill, but Obama made it law anyhow.

Not long ago we only had to contend with lunacies like Paul Krugman’s idea that of getting out of debt by accelerate spending.  The Obama administration is much farther from mainstream America than that.  All that Krugman’s ideas would do is send us into bankruptcy and he would wonder why.  Obama would take away our liberty, our way of life and send us into bankruptcy.


Rubio’s endorsement is the final blow ending any chance Santorum still had of securing the nomination.  Rubio is highly regarded by members of the Tea Party faction making his endorsement a very significant one.  In fact, Rubio would be the ideal choice for Vice Presidential running mate.

Imagine Rubio on the campaign trail – young, Spanish speaking, popular, experienced in government but not part of the Washington establishment, from the South to balance Romney’s northern Massachusetts handicap.  And Rubio has fire in his delivery that Romney does not.  But would he run if asked?

ROMNEY 48% – OBAMA 43%

Chris and Ed, those friendly chaps over at MSNBC were a bit less vitriolic this week.  It’s because they have turned giddy, giddy with delight over the sense that the Republicans no longer have a ghost of a chance in November.

The Republican candidates have destroyed each other.  Romney will be the nominee and the Tea Party folks will never vote for him because they think he is a Liberal.  There are serious issues that need attention, the nation is deep in debt, people are out of work and need help but all the Republicans want to talk about is how to stop people from having sex.  Rush Limbaugh, the primary spokesman for the Republican Party, delivered the decisive blow with his disgusting remarks about a female college student.  No self respecting woman, regardless of Party will ever vote Republican after that.

Well now, Chris and Ed, you still don’t get it, it seems.  Still living in that bubble I guess.  I would love to burst your bubble but I can’t.  I tried.  It’s too thick.  Funny thing about that bubble, those of us on the outside can see in, those of us who take the trouble to do so at least. We see what you stand for and we don’t like it.  But you never seem to understand what just what it is we stand for and then you object to it anyhow.  I think you need to get your bubble fixed.

The Tea Party didn’t rise up to promote conservatism.  Its members were too busy enjoying life and family (including sex) to spend time doing that.  The Tea Party rose up to save the country from a complete transformation to the Left.  The Tea Party is what happens when a trend goes too far for too long and needs to be stopped.  The vote will not be for a candidate, though one may wish it could be.  Whoever the nominee may be will not change that.  The vote isn’t even against Barack Obama, though I’m sure you won’t understand that.  The vote will be against the arrival of a collective state and a soft tyranny.  And it’s a vote against bankruptcy as well.  Obama is less a culprit than a culmination.

Rush Limbaugh is Rush Limbaugh; he is unique; he is solitary.  He is not a spokesman for the Republican Party.  Republicans are no more likely to vote Democratic because of some disgusting remark Limbaugh makes and apologizes for than are Democrats likely to vote Republican because of some even more disgusting remarks that Bill Maher makes and refuses to apologize for.

Bye the way, Romney is leading Obama 48 to 43 according to a current Rasmussen poll.  Santorum is not doing so well but he is ahead of Obama.


There is no comparison.
The Tea Party members stand for less federal spending, less federal debt, less government restriction, more personal liberty, more growth and more jobs.  As a group they are peaceful, familial, respectful of private property, employed and proud of their American heritage.

The Occupy movement still hasn’t decided what it stands for as a group.  Members have taken stands against corporate bailouts, unequal wealth, capitalism, Israel, anything military and the notion that there is any reason whatever to be proud of their country.  They have asked for bailouts for individuals, free college tuition, higher taxes on other people, (the demonstrators themselves pay little or none), and redistribution of the wealth of others unto themselves.  Their methods are disruptive, sometimes destructive and occasionally violent and frequently illegal.  They show disrespect for the American flag, private property and the rule of law.  They have been unable to control criminal activity within their own group.

Our president expresses support for the Occupiers and holds Tea Party members in contempt.  Until Barack Obama we had never had a President like this.

Where’s the swamp?
The ripest department for corruption in any town is the housing department.  If you have ever dealt with one you know how involved the permitting and inspection process can be.  It is rich with opportunities for those in power to ‘earn’ a little income on the side.  The big opportunities are in the realm of awards to private contractors for municipal construction and other town services.  This is by no means an indictment of these departments as a whole for malfeasance, but where corruption does exist this is where you are most likely to find it because it’s the most fertile ground.

At the federal level, the equivalent that comes to mind is infrastructure programs.  Think about it.

More Republicans should play chess.
Republicans in Washington fell into a trap because they didn’t anticipate the Democrat’s future moves.

The Republicans were set up when they supported a temporary suspension of the payroll tax.  Now the Democrats want to extend it and the Republicans do not.  Obama has been given ammunition for his class warfare battle.  Now Republicans “want to increase taxes on the working man but never on the rich”.

Continuing the payroll tax suspension also plays into the Presidents plan to spread the wealth.  As it stands, the working man is contributing nothing to fund the Social Security he will collect.  Obama wants to keep it that way.


Warming up the crowd in Detroit just before the appearance of Barack Obama, Teamster’s Union leader Jimmy Hoffa had this to say about Tea Party members.

“President Obama, this is your army.  We are ready to march.  Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong. (sic)”

Not only is it sic, which means we know the syntax is bad, however that is what he said, but it is also sick.  Hoffa said in the same speech that war has been declared and there will only be one winner.  We are living in perilous times, my friend.

This is breaking news and as yet we can find nothing about Obama’s reaction to Hoffa’s offer.

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government reports (with video):

Obama declares he is proud of Hoffa — after Hoffa declares war on Tea Party ‘sons of bitches’.


Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged escaped the Communism of the Soviet Union as a young woman.  So did Luba Sindler.  As Yogi Berra would say, for Luba Sindler, Barack Obama is déjà vu all over again.

Here are excerpts from Luba’s story as first published in American Thinker on June 15.

Confession of a Reluctant Tea-Partier
By Luba Sindler

In the Soviet Union any mass expression of public sentiment was by definition a fraud.  All organizations got their quotas to provide a certain amount of bodies to march through the town celebrating state holidays.  Being a child was no excuse — I remember taking part in an annual May Day demonstration as a 10-year-old member of an ice-skating girls’ group.

My family came to the United States the day before the Thanksgiving of 1987.  Being intellectually curious, I immediately began wondering how this country functions and what makes the United States the envy of the world (don’t believe all that criticism from outside — it’s mostly ignorance).  As a confirmed bookworm I started reading everything in sight from the Constitution and Federalist Papers to the New York Times to National Review by way of the Economist and the Village Voice.  My English improved dramatically but my respect for the media evaporated.

My husband and I applied for US citizenship the day we became eligible.  After that we proudly voted in every election, but the idea of venturing a political opinion never crossed my mind (an unfortunate result of being brought up in a totalitarian society where keeping your mouth shut is a basic rule of survival).  There was something unseemly in proclaiming my deep love and appreciation of America for all to hear.

When candidate Obama showed up, I realized that I had heard his typical stump speech every single day of my old Soviet life from big and small Communist party bosses — the same structure, the same cadences, the same bogeymen, the same demagoguery, the same targets.  The American people had no defense against this rhetoric.  The result of the elections was totally predictable.  To me it was a “Back to the Future” moment. [Emphasis ours]

[It was like] a terrible nightmare.  Running from Communism, finding the safe haven and a new life, and now to have the same wrecking crew coming even here?

In February or March of 2009 my husband, two friends, and I went to the first New York City Tea Party in front of City Hall — more out of helplessness than anything else.  I attended a few more Tea Parties in our area (my husband dropped out, not believing in lost causes) just to support a worthy idea, not to expect any tangible result.

The atmosphere was incredible.  Complete strangers were talking to each other, taking pictures of thousands of funny posters, smiling, and feeling as one.  Contrary to popular opinion outside the United States, here was an ample proof that Americans have a great sense of humor.  People were expressing their opinions in a typical American fashion, loud and clear.

I felt as if I had [found a] home.  [F]or the first time in my life I felt like a real, full-blooded, free American.  It was glorious.

Luba Sindler is not alone.  Her sentiments are echoed over and over by immigrants who have come to America from Communist bloc countries.  Quite a number are going back home, preferring to live in a land coming out of a Marxist socialist past to one they see trending toward a Marxist socialist future.  But as long as there are people like Luba and the Tea Party, America will do just fine.


Tea Party
The Tea Party accomplished a lot but is responsible for some damage as well. The damage came out of naïveté, political inexperience and uncompromising principle, not from character flaws. The damage is contained and the movement will learn as it grows. We have Sarah Palin and the TP to thank for turning what might have been just a normal mid-term reversal into a rout, a rousing success.

Split results
Charles Krauthammer said winning the House and failing to win the Senate was the perfect result. The Democrats will be unable credibly to blame the next two years on their loss of control of the Legislature to Republicans. It’s a comforting thought but we question its validity. BTW, this will be the first time ever there was a Democratic President and Senate facing a Republican House. The acrimony level will be high. We only hope John Boehner will be up to it.

Ugliest moment
Chris Matthews lost it when interviewing Michele Bachman. Michele stonewalled him (not a practice we approve) and Matthews castigated her ruthlessly. “Are you hypnotized?” he repeated over and over in various catenations. Matthews’ attacks were not limited to Bachman. He was vicious with Sen. Eric Cantor also. Cantor handled it extremely well, much better than Bachman did. Even Rick Santelli came under disparagement by Matthews who wasn’t even sure of his name. Perhaps Olbermann will recognize Matthews for one of his “Worst” awards.

Districting effect
In the Connecticut gubernatorial race more people voted for the Republican than for the Democrat but the Democrat was declared the winner. It wasn’t fraud. Apparently Connecticut has a process similar to the national Electoral College but where districts rather than delegates cast the votes. It is the political reverse of the time Democrats screamed “unfair” when Gore won the raw vote but lost in the electoral process. Periodically, Governors get to reset the boundaries of districts within their state. This is why Obama made seven trips to Ohio to support incumbent Gov. Strickland and why Strickland’s defeat was a significant victory for Republicans.

Harry Reid
Reid’s victory, though not unexpected is the most disturbing. Not because he won, but because of how he won. It was a victory for intimidation, voting irregularities and casino money. There is still a lot of cleaning up to do in Washington.

The cleaning lady
One has to admire Sarah Palin. From the lowly post of small town Mayor she took on her own party and succeeded in cleaning out the Republican rot in Alaska. That’s audacity we can admire. She has integrity, spunk and bravery. We respectfully propose that in 2013, President Marco Rubio appoint Sarah to the post of Washington DC Cleaning Czar reporting directly to Vice President Paul Ryan.


If one picture is worth a thousand words then a picture than moves and talks must be worth infinitely more. Realizing this, some conservative film makers have come to the fore. Andrew Klavan is one. His style is music and humor. Bill Whittle is another, but with a scholarly approach. He has produced a series that crystallizes the essentials of conservative belief.

Whittle puts an occassional plug in for the Tea Party. We would prefer he hadn’t. We support the Tea Party but the principles he explains are not part of a movement; they did not come from the Tea Party nor are they embraced only by the Tea Party. That is very minor criticism of a very fine work. Here is the first in the series.


The third defining moment.

Critics of the Tea Party movement have spoken of guns, church, abortion and even insurrection. A prominent article published earlier this year in the New York Times alarmed its ill-informed readers by characterizing Tea Party people as militia types walking around with rifles and preparing for insurrection. Radical activist and convicted criminal Lyndon LaRouche was said to be typical of the leadership within the group. The fact that LaRouche has run for political office at least nine times, always and only on Labor or Democratic Party tickets did not deter the authors from connecting him with the Tea Party movement; nor did the fact that LaRouche chose the far left Ramsey Clark to be his defense attorney.

The most amazing, even amusing thing about the article is the authors seemed entirely genuine. They had not a clue how far off the mark they were. Members of the Press have sequestered themselves in a liberal bubble for so long that the walls of their self-imposed enclosure have become totally opaque. Even the brilliant ones are blind to, and ignorant of the world outside.

The Tea Party movement is perceived to be an eruption of old issues like abortion, guns, church and marriage by extremists who are anti-immigrant, anti-minority and anti-Obama only because he is Black and a Democrat. Whatever caused this unsophisticated lot to suddenly become so restless remains a total mystery. They just don’t get it. The only thing of which they are sure, is that any group that thinks a soccer mom can run the country better than a Harvard Law School graduate is a group to be feared and condemned, not one sought to be understood.

It is true, the old issues of abortion, guns and “In God we trust” are there. However, they are but a sidebar to the major concern of the people fast becoming known as the Tea Party Express. This is not about winning debates. It is about preserving the right of having debates. The Tea Party stands firmly athwart the path the nation is travelling toward totalitarian rule.

Obama is not the cause. He is the culmination. We sit at the end of a trend that began with Woodrow Wilson. It was extended by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson and is in the final stage of culmination by a (thus far) triumphant Barrack Hussein Obama.

Two significant events have shaped the land the world calls America, the parting from England and the Civil War. The third event stands before us. The November election is critical but we can survive whatever the result. If Obama wins re-election by a narrow margin in 2012 we will still have a slim chance of preserving our shining light. But if he wins it easily, it will mean the country has chosen another path.

Burke is the central figure.

Anyone who fails to vote this year or in 2012 is assuming an awesome responsibility. As the noted 18th century British statesman said “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”.


Week ending August 13, 2010
Argentina is experiencing the coldest winter in 40 years
And the U.S. Northeast, one of the hottest, until this week.

Connecticut Muslims ask for police protection
Bridgeport worshippers claim harassment by Texas based group.

Democratic operatives found to be infiltrating the Tea Party
The goal is to discredit the Tea Party and split it into factions. That’s the Left, don’t debate, just destroy.

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens killed in air crash.
Stevens was one of the kings of pork in the Senate and an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

First day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy week

Market drops 265 points
Perhaps Wall Street is finally realizing what an Obama Administration portends

Thousands of dead menhadens wash ashore in southern New Jersey.
Don’t be embarrassed, the spellchecker had never heard of menhadens either. They are a fish about the size of a sardine. If you are planning a vacation it looks like New Orleans might be better idea than the Jersey shore.


Democratic Senatorial candidate from S.C. is indicted
It’s that Black Green guy whom some Democrats thought must be a ringer because he had zero qualifications for the job. They got him on porno charges. Imagine that, unethical behavior before he was even elected!

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