ROMNEY 48% – OBAMA 43%

Chris and Ed, those friendly chaps over at MSNBC were a bit less vitriolic this week.  It’s because they have turned giddy, giddy with delight over the sense that the Republicans no longer have a ghost of a chance in November.

The Republican candidates have destroyed each other.  Romney will be the nominee and the Tea Party folks will never vote for him because they think he is a Liberal.  There are serious issues that need attention, the nation is deep in debt, people are out of work and need help but all the Republicans want to talk about is how to stop people from having sex.  Rush Limbaugh, the primary spokesman for the Republican Party, delivered the decisive blow with his disgusting remarks about a female college student.  No self respecting woman, regardless of Party will ever vote Republican after that.

Well now, Chris and Ed, you still don’t get it, it seems.  Still living in that bubble I guess.  I would love to burst your bubble but I can’t.  I tried.  It’s too thick.  Funny thing about that bubble, those of us on the outside can see in, those of us who take the trouble to do so at least. We see what you stand for and we don’t like it.  But you never seem to understand what just what it is we stand for and then you object to it anyhow.  I think you need to get your bubble fixed.

The Tea Party didn’t rise up to promote conservatism.  Its members were too busy enjoying life and family (including sex) to spend time doing that.  The Tea Party rose up to save the country from a complete transformation to the Left.  The Tea Party is what happens when a trend goes too far for too long and needs to be stopped.  The vote will not be for a candidate, though one may wish it could be.  Whoever the nominee may be will not change that.  The vote isn’t even against Barack Obama, though I’m sure you won’t understand that.  The vote will be against the arrival of a collective state and a soft tyranny.  And it’s a vote against bankruptcy as well.  Obama is less a culprit than a culmination.

Rush Limbaugh is Rush Limbaugh; he is unique; he is solitary.  He is not a spokesman for the Republican Party.  Republicans are no more likely to vote Democratic because of some disgusting remark Limbaugh makes and apologizes for than are Democrats likely to vote Republican because of some even more disgusting remarks that Bill Maher makes and refuses to apologize for.

Bye the way, Romney is leading Obama 48 to 43 according to a current Rasmussen poll.  Santorum is not doing so well but he is ahead of Obama.

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