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There is no comparison.
The Tea Party members stand for less federal spending, less federal debt, less government restriction, more personal liberty, more growth and more jobs.  As a group they are peaceful, familial, respectful of private property, employed and proud of their American heritage.

The Occupy movement still hasn’t decided what it stands for as a group.  Members have taken stands against corporate bailouts, unequal wealth, capitalism, Israel, anything military and the notion that there is any reason whatever to be proud of their country.  They have asked for bailouts for individuals, free college tuition, higher taxes on other people, (the demonstrators themselves pay little or none), and redistribution of the wealth of others unto themselves.  Their methods are disruptive, sometimes destructive and occasionally violent and frequently illegal.  They show disrespect for the American flag, private property and the rule of law.  They have been unable to control criminal activity within their own group.

Our president expresses support for the Occupiers and holds Tea Party members in contempt.  Until Barack Obama we had never had a President like this.

Where’s the swamp?
The ripest department for corruption in any town is the housing department.  If you have ever dealt with one you know how involved the permitting and inspection process can be.  It is rich with opportunities for those in power to ‘earn’ a little income on the side.  The big opportunities are in the realm of awards to private contractors for municipal construction and other town services.  This is by no means an indictment of these departments as a whole for malfeasance, but where corruption does exist this is where you are most likely to find it because it’s the most fertile ground.

At the federal level, the equivalent that comes to mind is infrastructure programs.  Think about it.

More Republicans should play chess.
Republicans in Washington fell into a trap because they didn’t anticipate the Democrat’s future moves.

The Republicans were set up when they supported a temporary suspension of the payroll tax.  Now the Democrats want to extend it and the Republicans do not.  Obama has been given ammunition for his class warfare battle.  Now Republicans “want to increase taxes on the working man but never on the rich”.

Continuing the payroll tax suspension also plays into the Presidents plan to spread the wealth.  As it stands, the working man is contributing nothing to fund the Social Security he will collect.  Obama wants to keep it that way.


A combination of the success of the free market system and gradual increase of government largess has all but eliminated depression style poverty.  The poverty argument no longer engenders the same level of anger when those classed as poor have cell phones and iPads, drive cars, own homes and still pay no income tax.

Today’s anger is not about poverty; it’s about riches.  The Wall Street protesters are not fighting poverty; they are protesting the unequal distribution of wealth.  They are protesting the fact that some people have more than they do and they want some of it.  All you need to do to see why the Occupiers have less is to examine a cross section of them and compare it a cross section of Tea Party types, or upper East-side New York liberals for that matter.

All the rich want to do is keep some of their own money and pay out the rest in taxes and give some to charity.  They don’t want to take money from someone else just because someone else has it.  Wanting more money may be greed, but isn’t wanting someone else’s money without earning it an even greater greed?  The Occupiers want someone else’s money.  And they want it to they can buy the latest iPods and better cars.  If they really want to end greed they should get a job.


Around the blogs

If Corporations Aren’t People, How Can They Be Greedy?
Mitt Romney has taken a lot of flak from the general press for his statement that corporations are people.  John Hinderaker responds:

The managers who run any company have a fiduciary duty to try to maximize returns for their company’s owners–that is to say, profits. If a company’s executives decided not to be “greedy,” but rather to operate their company at a break-even level so as to avoid profit, they would be violating their legal duties and would be subject to shareholder lawsuits.

Is this “greed?” Of course not. It is progress. Do liberals really want the rest of us to be lazy; to be uncompetitive; to squelch change; to be inefficient and to pass the costs of that inefficiency on to our customers? Well, yes, actually, they do–just as the federal government passes the costs of its inefficiency on to its customers, the taxpayers.

Violence is Coming
Andrew Breitbart explains why he thinks that violence will be coming from the Occupy movement. The rhetoric anticipates violence. Many videos made at the protests attest to that.

All Huffy, Joe Biden Stands By Rape Reference to GOP
A reporter from Human Events asked Joe Biden about his comments that the number of sexual assaults would increase if Republicans don’t sign on to Barack Obama’s jobs proposal.  Slow Joe went ballistic.  The Bidens of this world are not accustomed to being questioned by the press about their nonsense