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The New York Times published this headline on April 15th.

White House Opens Door to Big Donors, and Lobbyists Slip In

Lobbyists “Slip In”?  It takes a certain mindset to write a headline like that.  Is the New York Times saying the Obama administration is so incompetent they can’t stop people from giving them money?  Couldn’t be!  Perhaps then, the point is that the lobbyists are so slick they know how to get money into the President’s campaign coffers without the President knowing it; the money just slipped in.  How do you explain currying favor when the favorer does not know by whom he has been curried?

The best conclusion is that the authors at the Times actually believe the tripe they write – Democrats don’t accept money from lobbyists, at least not knowingly.  Democrats don’t cater to special interests either – nuts!  Is there nothing special about the interests of teachers, truck drivers and automotive workers who are represented by their unions?  Goldman Sachs contributed more to Democratic than to Republican campaigns in 2008.  Do the authors at New York Times not include Wall Street bankers in their list of special interests?  Of course they do.

It would be a good thing if some common sense slipped in at the New York Times.


Saul Alinsky is dead.  So is Occupy Wall Street.  Or if it’s not dead it is in the throes of dying.  Alinsky taught revolution as a three act play.  Act I is to gain respect.  That does not happen by defecating on police cars and shutting down subway stations at rush hour.

In the first couple of weeks of OWS, the movement was seen as counterpoint to the Tea Party.  It may have even been intended as such by its founders, whomever they may be.  There were people with honest gripes about the lack of jobs, crony capitalism, ill conceived bailouts, and stimulus that didn’t stimulate.  However, given the obsession of the OWS leadership with democracy and endless “General Assemblies” the movement never found a unified direction.  You can’t steer a ship with a hundred rudders in the hands of a hundred helmsmen each with a different idea of which direction forward is.

Gradually the cross section of ordinary Americans who really did want jobs and better government withdrew.  They left the tent cities to the shower-less and the anarchists whose idea of social justice is – why make it if you can just take it?  This is exactly the type of behavior Saul Alinsky sought to correct.  Without effective leadership they are proving to be no more than a band of useless idiots.


A combination of the success of the free market system and gradual increase of government largess has all but eliminated depression style poverty.  The poverty argument no longer engenders the same level of anger when those classed as poor have cell phones and iPads, drive cars, own homes and still pay no income tax.

Today’s anger is not about poverty; it’s about riches.  The Wall Street protesters are not fighting poverty; they are protesting the unequal distribution of wealth.  They are protesting the fact that some people have more than they do and they want some of it.  All you need to do to see why the Occupiers have less is to examine a cross section of them and compare it a cross section of Tea Party types, or upper East-side New York liberals for that matter.

All the rich want to do is keep some of their own money and pay out the rest in taxes and give some to charity.  They don’t want to take money from someone else just because someone else has it.  Wanting more money may be greed, but isn’t wanting someone else’s money without earning it an even greater greed?  The Occupiers want someone else’s money.  And they want it to they can buy the latest iPods and better cars.  If they really want to end greed they should get a job.


As the world turns the Occupy groups evolve.  They are one thing today and another tomorrow.  They are one thing here and another thing over there.  Two days ago we reported on the movement’s better side.  Today we report on its ugly face.

Occupiers in New York desecrate the American flag by laying it on the ground and walking on it for the camera.

Occupiers in Portland, Oregon compose a song entitled “F*** AMERICA” and sing those lyrics on the street.

The movement has been given the official endorsement of The Communist Party USA

A crowd in Atlanta makes it clear they want to hear Democratic Congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis speak.  But a declared Marxist facilitator manipulates the crowd into denying Lewis the opportunity to speak.

An Occupy LA speaker says the time has finally come; it’s time for the militant revolution.

Barack Obama has voiced unqualified support to the Occupiers, without reservations or condemnation of any of their actions.  The movement is the direct result of class warfare launched and perpetuated by him with support from the press and the Democratic party.

We are witnessing a classic organizing technique in the Alinsky model being played out on a national scale and led by the world’s most renowned community organizer.  Alinsky called his rules tactics.  Tactic number 13 is “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”.  Obama picked the banks, is freezing his target with endless repetition, polarizing it with attacks on millionaires and billionaires and personalizing it by relating it to the lack of jobs.

If you are dismayed by all this; you can’t say you weren’t warned.  As a candidate, the President said he would never turn his back on the “God damn America” preacher who gave him the inspiration for his life’s work.  And then he proudly proclaimed his community organizing experience as a prime qualification for his election to the presidency.  Sometimes you actually do get what you asked for.

Communist Party USA also supports the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street Protests.

From the CPUSA website:


Wall Street Days of Rage has mushroomed into Occupy Wall Street.  Today it’s not enough just to demonstrate, you must also give the event a name.  And don’t forget to bring the fun stuff.  After all, it’s more about the Coors than it is about the Cause.

One wonders how many of the Occupy Wall Street crowd took the day off from work to occupy the bridge. Work?  Did I just hear someone laugh?  How much would you bet on the chance that their unemployment rate is a hefty multiple of the rate for Tea Party demonstrators?  Work is about contribution; the motto here is distribution not contribution.  And what was the point of shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge?  One demonstrator said she thought they were welcomed by the police.

What brought the Wall Streeters out?  And why now?  Santelli’s Rant inspired the Tea Party.  It’s Obama’s Rant that inspired the Wall Street attack.  Santelli’s outburst was serendipitous, a one time event.  Obama’s rants, on the other hand, are well planned out and repeated again and again in prepared speeches.

Saul Alinsky’s prime rule for radicals is strategy number thirteen, “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”.  The President chose a perennial favorite for a target, Wall Street.  He freezes it by staying on point, hammering away, hammering away.  He personalizes it with “fat cat” and “corporate jet” remarks and polarizes it with a constant stream of agitation from the presidential bully pulpit.  It’s one thing he does very well.

As an agitator, the man is a genius.  As a president, he is a disgrace.


Headline. September 19, 2011

Police Set Barricades as ‘Days of Rage’ Protesters Target Wall Street

Rile them up, stir up some anger, get them mad at someone then boldly tell them that you are the answer.  It doesn’t matter who.  It doesn’t matter what.  It’s not about solving any problem; it’s about gaining power.  It’s in Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals.  It’s the Chicago style of government.  Even more, it’s the Obama style of government.  He knows no other.

Fortunately, enough of the American people see it for what it is.  Those that don’t, never will.  Police estimated today’s ragers numbered about 350.  Have no fear; it’s not enough to get a community organizer re-elected.