The New York Times published this headline on April 15th.

White House Opens Door to Big Donors, and Lobbyists Slip In

Lobbyists “Slip In”?  It takes a certain mindset to write a headline like that.  Is the New York Times saying the Obama administration is so incompetent they can’t stop people from giving them money?  Couldn’t be!  Perhaps then, the point is that the lobbyists are so slick they know how to get money into the President’s campaign coffers without the President knowing it; the money just slipped in.  How do you explain currying favor when the favorer does not know by whom he has been curried?

The best conclusion is that the authors at the Times actually believe the tripe they write – Democrats don’t accept money from lobbyists, at least not knowingly.  Democrats don’t cater to special interests either – nuts!  Is there nothing special about the interests of teachers, truck drivers and automotive workers who are represented by their unions?  Goldman Sachs contributed more to Democratic than to Republican campaigns in 2008.  Do the authors at New York Times not include Wall Street bankers in their list of special interests?  Of course they do.

It would be a good thing if some common sense slipped in at the New York Times.

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