French Leader Sarkozy Slams Obama, Warns He Might Be Insane”. So reads the headline in The European Union Times Online. Sarkozy would not make such a statement if he were a Random Thots reader. Obama is not insane; he is just dedicated.

In his own writings Obama tells us he found his soul in the pew of Trinity Baptist Church where he was struck by an epiphany as he listened to the Black Liberation Theology message from Rev Wright. At the conclusion of one sermon, he says he wept, and at that moment “I knew what my life’s work would be.”

Barack Hussein Obama is honoring the pledge he made to himself and his people that day. His actions often are not in the best interest of America as we know it; they are in the best interest of an America as Obama would like it to be.

Well, we may be losing the friendship of Britain and Israel but it looks like we are getting France back. I hope so. They gave us the Statue of Liberty. I am going out now to Burger King and celebrate with a double order of French fries.

Bob B

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