The link to Jim Geraghty’s list of broken promises is now working. A copy of his post will remain available on the Random Thots Features list.


Jim Geraghty over at NRO has prepared a documented list of Obama’s violations of his own promises or positions. It is a long list. I stopped counting at 50. There were many more and it is only a year and three months since the Grand Inauguration.

Here is just one sample from the long list:
STATEMENT: “These negotiations will be on C-SPAN, and so the public will be part of the conversation and will see the decisions that are being made.” January 20, 2008, and seven other times.
EXPIRATION DATE: Throughout the summer, fall, and winter of 2009 and 2010; when John McCain asked about it during the health-care summit February 26, Obama dismissed the issue by declaring, “the campaign is over, John.”

You can bookmark Jim’s post. It can serve as a handy reference as issues come up from time to time.

Bob B

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