Charles Krauthammer once said something to the effect that to understand American politics you must realize that Democrats think Republicans are evil and Republicans think Democrats are stupid. A profound observation to be sure.

Conservatives complain that Liberals are less tolerant. Why wouldn’t they be if they are combating evil while Republicans are only confronted with stupidity? The relative intolerance by liberals is less a matter of hypocrisy than simply the natural result of their core belief. Liberals are true to their label in matters of crime, sex and indolence. These are forgivable human weaknesses. However, the conservative ideology is destructive to society as a whole.

Evil is something that must be set right. Stupidity can be ignored. Hence liberals have always been active demonstrators against the evil they perceive, whereas conservatives were ill motivated to disrupt their lives in order to demonstrate against ignorance. It is a change of perceptions that has brought about the Tea Party. Conservatives envision evil in the direction in which the country is currently being led, and evil must be set right.

Bob B

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