Mayor Bloomberg tells Katie Couric that the failed attempt to blow up Times Square could have been someone who did not like Obama’s health care plan. He was right of course. It could have been. It also could have been Michael Moore or some school bus driver from Denver. Why was it the Mayor’s first thought was of someone who did not like Obamacare. It sounds to me like he has been watching too much Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Speaking of Chris Matthews, the man who gets tingles up his legs for Obama, have you heard his latest? Regarding the rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico, Rush Limbaugh says it was sabotage by environmentalists but the truth is it happened because British Petroleum makes a profit. You can watch the video here.

Now that we know the problem the solution is easy, full blown Marxist socialism. No more oil companies. All drilling done by the government. Governments never generate a profit. No profit – no accidents. Simple.

Barack Obama opens the nuke conference by declassifying details of our nuclear capability. I want to play poker with this guy. He shows his hand to the other players at the outset of the game. He is a sure loser. The trouble is he’s sitting in for me at a game of life and death.

Bob B

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