Elena Kagan, from Manhattan to the Supreme Court
The President has put forth his nominee to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. She is Elena Kagan and would be the third woman appointed to the Court. That’s okay. But they are all from New York City.

Now, citizens of a city do not see the world in the same manner as rural folk. And citizens of New York City in particular don’t believe there is any intelligent life more than forty or fifty miles from Times Square. In fact Times Square itself is not held in very high regard; it’s mostly tourists from fly-over country and Japan. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with tourists, but one does not want to mingle with them, does one?

The New York Times building is still there and so is the Broadway theatre. Were it not for these redeeming features it would just be another of those places about which Yogi Berra would say, “Nobody goes there any more. It’s too crowded.”

The Supreme Court needs more diversity. What about Idaho, Iowa or Oklahoma? They must have some judges who would like the job. Perhaps Obama could not find one willing to move to Washington. That would be understandable. Or perhaps he just wanted to give someone a chance to be a judge who had never been one. Ms. Elena qualifies on that count.

Bob B

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