Week ending May 14, 2010

Another flag flap.
One student reprimanded for drawing a picture of the American flag while a classmate is praised for drawing one of Barack Obama.

Detroit News reports that workers prefer unemployment over work.
Correction –
Detroit News reports that people prefer unemployment over work.
Extending unemployment benefits has led to an increase in unemployment.
Read about it here.

We learn of proposal for a medal to be awarded soldiers who exercise “courageous restraint”.
British Maj. Gen. Nick Carter, the NATO commander of troops in southern Afghanistan, proposed the idea of awarding a medal to troop who exercise courageous restraint”. There must be danger for there to be courage. Therefore I presume this medal will be awarded to soldiers who, facing imminent danger to themselves and their comrades, do nothing.

U.S. Treasury announces April deficit was 4 times larger than last year’s deficit.
Federal spending to stimulate people was held partly to blame. IRS action also contributed to the shortfall as they returned some of the peoples’ money to them as tax refunds.

Obama administration authorizes killing of a U.S. citizen.
His name is Anwar al-Awlaki, and he is hiding in Yemen. The NY Times reports, “Congress has protected Awlaki’s cellphone calls,” said Vicki Divoll, a former C.I.A. lawyer who now teaches at the United States Naval Academy. “But it has not provided any protections for his life. That makes no sense.”
I agree. I see no reason why we should be protecting terrorists’ phone calls.

Detroit starts the process of demolishing 10,000 buildings.
There goes the neighborhood. Read about it here.

Bob B

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