In “Kagan on Reagan” a certain sagacious blonde quotes Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as having written of Ronald Reagan’s election that “the world has gone mad, liberalism is dead and that there is no longer any place for the ideals we held or the beliefs we espoused”. The lady, (Kagan, not the blonde) is no moderate. She is a true believer in the progressive theme.

Bye the way,” progressive”, that’s propagandic for regressive of course.

If I were you, I would take a cue from Mae West and go up and see this blonde sometime. You will see a nice set of articles if you do. The key to her room is http://mobyrebuttal.blogspot.com/ .

Next. I noticed the New Yorker magazine has something to say about Tocqueville in America in the latest issue. In 5 or 6 pages they managed to make Christianity look pretty silly but didn’t find space available to print his rather timely statement that “America will last until the populace discovers it can vote for itself largess out of the public treasury”.

Finally. It seems Obama is dissing America by proxy now. Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner has been assigned the duty of urging the Chinese to improve their humanitarian policies. He led the discussions by volunteering that Arizona’s new illegal immigration policy is a violation of basic human rights. Somehow I don’t think murdering dissidents is the same thing as enforcing laws on illegal immigration. What is it about this administration that causes them to think negotiations will be more fruitful if you humiliate yourself at the outset?

Bob B

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