Week ending May 28, 2010

Rasmussen reports
Obama’s approve/disapprove rating drops to 44% approval
Obama’s strongly approve/disapprove spread widens to 17% strongly disapprove.
Voters favoring repeal of Obamacare rises to 63%

Today’s Drudge headlines on climate
Cold temps keep Sierra snowpack at 167% of normal…
Utah: Latest spring snow ever recorded…
Record low of 32 set at Spokane…
NYT: Fears Turn to Doubts About Global Warming…

The Times piece is a good article about how the tide is turning on warming (sorry about the mixed metaphors).

Big man loses big job
Kwame Kilpatrick is sentenced to jail. Loses job as mayor of Detroit, at least until the next election.

The cuffing of Kwame

Rasmussen reports again
Approval drops to 42%, spread widens to 20%

The state of rhode island has spent the money it owes its citizens as tax refunds
Random Thots sees no reason to continue using capital letters when referring to a state like ri that has no capital.

James Carville rails against Obama’s “Stupid politics”
Imagine that! Carville slamming a fellow Democrat!

Curtis Slewa makes a fool of himself
It’s a shame. Curtis is not a fool but you would not know it by his anti-Cuomo antics. Click for the video.

Bob B

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