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Women are different from men.  We can all agree on that.  They look different, most of them.  They act differently and they think differently.  These pie charts published by USA TODAY illustrate that women vote differently as well.

Also notable in the charts is the difference between the methods of the two leading pollsters, Gallup and Rasmussen.  Gallup polls all registered voters; Rasmussen polls only those more likely to vote.  The difference is quite clear in the swing states, the two upper charts at the upper left.


The  Mohegan Sun is a very profitable casino in Connecticut. So profitable that every member of the Mohegan tribe is given about $30,000 each year as a share of the profits just for being a Mohegan Indian. The Obama Administration gave them an extra 54 million dollars to distribute this year. It was called “Stimulus Money”. It looks more like reparations to me.

Here is something not observed so much anymore –  Obama bumper stickers.

The New York Times had an op-ed article the other day headlined ”The Glory is Gone”. This guy is dropping so fast even Rasmussen cannot keep up with the polls.

Eleven ships of our Navy passed through the Suez Canal. Fill up your car now because if things start to pop, gasoline will cost more than whiskey.

Drudge refered to Joran as “Van der Slut”. It’s not the first time sluts have been insulted.


Week ending June 18

Larry King’s retirement is announced

His replacement is to be one Piers Morgan who was fired by a British newspaper 6 years ago for journalistic fraud,

Obama’s speeches change to hopeless
The President’s oil spill was speech scorned by everyone except Fidel Castro who had no comment.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says some countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups as governments run out of money and public services collapse.
Random Thots, often wrong but never timid, says – not yet. Europe will muddle through this one, return to its traditional Socialism for a time. The apocalypse will be postponed but not canceled.

Rasmussen poll has Obama continuing to sink
Approval drops to 42%
Index spread widens to -20%

Louisiana poll shows residents believe Bush handled Katrina better than Obama is handling the spill.
Those billboards picturing Bush asking “Miss me yet?” may be onto something.

Hillary Clinton, speaking for the Obama Administration, says the Federal government will be suing the State of Arizona over immigration law.
The Arizona issue is pitting state against state as well as Washington against Arizona. It is of great concern because “A house divided cannot stand”.

President’s approval index sinks again, to minus 21
That is an extraordinary decline, in less than 18 months from 30% positive to 21% negative.


Bob B

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Week ending May 28, 2010

Rasmussen reports
Obama’s approve/disapprove rating drops to 44% approval
Obama’s strongly approve/disapprove spread widens to 17% strongly disapprove.
Voters favoring repeal of Obamacare rises to 63%

Today’s Drudge headlines on climate
Cold temps keep Sierra snowpack at 167% of normal…
Utah: Latest spring snow ever recorded…
Record low of 32 set at Spokane…
NYT: Fears Turn to Doubts About Global Warming…

The Times piece is a good article about how the tide is turning on warming (sorry about the mixed metaphors).

Big man loses big job
Kwame Kilpatrick is sentenced to jail. Loses job as mayor of Detroit, at least until the next election.

The cuffing of Kwame

Rasmussen reports again
Approval drops to 42%, spread widens to 20%

The state of rhode island has spent the money it owes its citizens as tax refunds
Random Thots sees no reason to continue using capital letters when referring to a state like ri that has no capital.

James Carville rails against Obama’s “Stupid politics”
Imagine that! Carville slamming a fellow Democrat!

Curtis Slewa makes a fool of himself
It’s a shame. Curtis is not a fool but you would not know it by his anti-Cuomo antics. Click for the video.

Bob B


Voting on a pig in a poke, with emphasis on the pig

A Rasmussen poll finds just 20% of likely voters believe most of our Representatives will understand what is in Pelosi’s health care bill before they sign it. How could they know?!  The crafty crafters are not releasing the contents. Even Obama revealed to Bret Baier that he does not know what is in the bill.

The Washington Times says “The Democrats are assaulting the very pillars of our democracy”. They are correct.

Obama promised to heal the divide. His “Change” has transformed the divide into a Grand Chasm not seen since the civil war.

Pelosi promised to clean the swamp of Republicans. Under her leadership we no longer have a swamp of Republicans. We have a cesspool of Democrats.

What we have are DINO’s, Socialists who are Democrats In Name Only.


Obama is a socialist. Obama is not a socialist. So the sides argue.

Each side is debating on a different premise and neither seems to realize it. The Left sees socialism as that form of government represented by Sweden or Germany and argues for it. The Right sees socialism as it is exemplified by Venezuela, Cuba or the USSR and argues against it. Resolution cannot occur as long as the two sides continue to argue past each other.

A recent Rasmussen poll reported that 47% of Americans either think socialism is better than capitalism or are unsure which is better. Liberals heaved a ho-hum, conservatives expressed alarm. Rasmussen asked one question. The respondents each interpreted the question differently and answered accordingly. Conservatives would do well to realize 47% of Americans are not leaning in Hugo Chavez’s direction, Sean Penn notwithstanding. Liberals would do well to realize the Right fears socialism because it is aware of how many times socialism has brought totalitarianism and tyranny to the people.

The Right and the Left have been with us since Aristotle and Plato. We will never agree. But we might learn to understand each other if we only had the book of life open to the same page.

Bob B

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