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The COLUMN Sept 30, 2011

John Stossel

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Quote of the day
”The truth is we have too few jobs today because government stands in the way.  If I’m an employer, why would I want to hire someone when Congress and the Labor Department have so many rules that I might not be able to fire that person if he can’t do the job?  Why would I take a risk on an investment when still-to-be-written rules about Obamacare, financial regulation and the environment could turn my good idea into a losing venture?”  John Stossel

From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Department
The State of Oregon was a five million dollar gold star by the Obama administration for putting more people on the Food Stamp program.  This is not to cover the cost, mind you; it’s a cash bonus for performance.  What’s next, a ten million dollar reward to New York if they increase the crime rate?

The skids are being Greeced and the European Union will slip by without breaking up – this time.  That’s our opinion, but it’s a squeaker.  It certainly wasn’t conservative policies of spending within your means or rule of law that got the European nations into their mess.  But it’s conservative policies that will get the public blame.  The left will see to that.  Sarkozy of France and Merkel of Germany are in big trouble with the voters already and the final deal is yet to be signed.


The world has lost its strong voice. The Americans have abdicated their position of leadership. The action and inaction by our President is working toward bringing an end to the period of American exceptionalism that he believes never existed in the first place.

Europe is as rudderless and wimpish as ever. They took the lead in starting military action in Libya because we didn’t. Now they are shirking responsibility for it. Germany was like John Kerry, they were for it before they were against it. No one has any idea what to do next or how to carry out a final game plan. It doesn’t appear anyone even has a final game plan.

Obama justifies our participation with the same rationale the neo-cons employed to justify the invasion of Iraq, that is, to bring Democracy to a nation whose leader is a killer of his own people. That’s not a move to the center; it’s a move by a socialistic president in accordance with the agenda of elements of the far right.

The “conservative” token at the New York Times, Ross Douthout says our participation in the war in Libya is ”a stark departure from the Bush administration’s more unilateralist methods”. Yet Bush sought and received the clear approval of Congress before taking military action; while Obama never even consulted Congress, let alone seek their approval. Democrats are led in revolt by Denis Kucinich who has asked why Obama should not be impeached for acting alone. Douthout is the Times’ vision of condescension into conservative thought. So much for the New York Times.

Both Bush and Obama sought UN approval. Obama yielded to the limitations imposed by the UN as to how the world wants the war to be fought. .Bush acted in what he saw as the best interests of the United States, not in deference to the Security Council dominated by Russia and China.

At home, Obama assigns Joe Biden to deal with the Republicans on the budget while he shoots a few baskets and vacations in Rio de Janeiro.


The European Union is an experiment in transnational socialism. The wealth of Germany, Europe’s most productive nation, is being “spread around” among nations that produce less and spend beyond their means. Good behavior is being punished and bad behavior rewarded. Violent riots are breaking out across Western Europe. But the people aren’t rioting for a solution; they are demanding continuation of what caused the problem.

Only private industry creates the wealth of a nation. Government consumes a portion of that wealth to pay for the services and benefits it provides its citizens. In socialistic Democracies like those of Western Europe the government portion grows slowly like a painless cancer until it threatens vital organs. Then it turns from painless to painful and that’s when riots erupt. The people deny the sickness while demanding a cure. That is where Europe is now.

It is difficult to create a common currency among sovereign nations whose cultures are as diverse as those of Greece, Germany and England, just to name three. The British recognized this and chose to keep their own currency. America is a nation of diverse people sharing one national pride. Whether you are from Maine, Iowa or Arizona, you consider yourself American first and a Mainer or Iowan second. Not so in Europe. A Frenchman considers himself French, period. A European citizen feels no pride in being a member of the European Union in the way an Iowan farmer is proud to be an American.

The Euro was vying to replace the Dollar as the standard currency for international trade only months ago. Now it is apparent the chances for that to occur are dim. It would take a profound change in the diverse national cultures within the Euro zone to build the base required to make the Euro as solid as the dollar. It didn’t happen over the last thousand years. It won’t happen over the next thousand either.

America’s race to embrace socialism has been thwarted. Now it needs to be reversed lest we end up in the tank with Europe. We have time. We can do it.


Week ending June 18

Larry King’s retirement is announced

His replacement is to be one Piers Morgan who was fired by a British newspaper 6 years ago for journalistic fraud,

Obama’s speeches change to hopeless
The President’s oil spill was speech scorned by everyone except Fidel Castro who had no comment.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says some countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups as governments run out of money and public services collapse.
Random Thots, often wrong but never timid, says – not yet. Europe will muddle through this one, return to its traditional Socialism for a time. The apocalypse will be postponed but not canceled.

Rasmussen poll has Obama continuing to sink
Approval drops to 42%
Index spread widens to -20%

Louisiana poll shows residents believe Bush handled Katrina better than Obama is handling the spill.
Those billboards picturing Bush asking “Miss me yet?” may be onto something.

Hillary Clinton, speaking for the Obama Administration, says the Federal government will be suing the State of Arizona over immigration law.
The Arizona issue is pitting state against state as well as Washington against Arizona. It is of great concern because “A house divided cannot stand”.

President’s approval index sinks again, to minus 21
That is an extraordinary decline, in less than 18 months from 30% positive to 21% negative.


Bob B

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Excerpts from European Union: A coalition of irresponsibility by George Will as published in the Washington Post.

  1. By socializing the consequences of Greece’s misgovernment, Europe has become the world’s leading producer of a toxic product — moral hazard. The dishonesty and indiscipline of a nation with 2.6 percent of the eurozone’s economic product have moved nations with the other 97.4 percent — and the United States and the International Monetary Fund — to say, essentially: The consequences of such vices cannot be quarantined, so we are all hostages to one another and hence no nation will be allowed to sink beneath the weight of its recklessness.
  2. Recklessness will proliferate.
  3. [T]he European Union is neither a state nor sovereign enough to enforce its rules: No euro-zone nation is complying with the E.U. requirement that deficits not exceed 3 percent of gross domestic product.
  4. The European Union has a flag no one salutes, an anthem no one sings, a president no one can name, a parliament (in Strasbourg) no one other than its members wants to have power (which must subtract from the powers of national legislatures), a capital (Brussels) of coagulated bureaucracy no one admires or controls, a currency that presupposes what neither does nor should nor soon will exist (a European central government), and rules of fiscal behavior that no member has been penalized for ignoring.

There is nothing I dare add after the eloquence of George Will.

Bob B