The world has lost its strong voice. The Americans have abdicated their position of leadership. The action and inaction by our President is working toward bringing an end to the period of American exceptionalism that he believes never existed in the first place.

Europe is as rudderless and wimpish as ever. They took the lead in starting military action in Libya because we didn’t. Now they are shirking responsibility for it. Germany was like John Kerry, they were for it before they were against it. No one has any idea what to do next or how to carry out a final game plan. It doesn’t appear anyone even has a final game plan.

Obama justifies our participation with the same rationale the neo-cons employed to justify the invasion of Iraq, that is, to bring Democracy to a nation whose leader is a killer of his own people. That’s not a move to the center; it’s a move by a socialistic president in accordance with the agenda of elements of the far right.

The “conservative” token at the New York Times, Ross Douthout says our participation in the war in Libya is ”a stark departure from the Bush administration’s more unilateralist methods”. Yet Bush sought and received the clear approval of Congress before taking military action; while Obama never even consulted Congress, let alone seek their approval. Democrats are led in revolt by Denis Kucinich who has asked why Obama should not be impeached for acting alone. Douthout is the Times’ vision of condescension into conservative thought. So much for the New York Times.

Both Bush and Obama sought UN approval. Obama yielded to the limitations imposed by the UN as to how the world wants the war to be fought. .Bush acted in what he saw as the best interests of the United States, not in deference to the Security Council dominated by Russia and China.

At home, Obama assigns Joe Biden to deal with the Republicans on the budget while he shoots a few baskets and vacations in Rio de Janeiro.

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