Week ending June 18

Larry King’s retirement is announced

His replacement is to be one Piers Morgan who was fired by a British newspaper 6 years ago for journalistic fraud,

Obama’s speeches change to hopeless
The President’s oil spill was speech scorned by everyone except Fidel Castro who had no comment.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says some countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups as governments run out of money and public services collapse.
Random Thots, often wrong but never timid, says – not yet. Europe will muddle through this one, return to its traditional Socialism for a time. The apocalypse will be postponed but not canceled.

Rasmussen poll has Obama continuing to sink
Approval drops to 42%
Index spread widens to -20%

Louisiana poll shows residents believe Bush handled Katrina better than Obama is handling the spill.
Those billboards picturing Bush asking “Miss me yet?” may be onto something.

Hillary Clinton, speaking for the Obama Administration, says the Federal government will be suing the State of Arizona over immigration law.
The Arizona issue is pitting state against state as well as Washington against Arizona. It is of great concern because “A house divided cannot stand”.

President’s approval index sinks again, to minus 21
That is an extraordinary decline, in less than 18 months from 30% positive to 21% negative.


Bob B

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