AP headline Obama to agencies: Don’t pay dead people

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is setting up a “do not pay” list in hopes of stopping government checks sent to those who shouldn’t get them, such as contractors who are in jail — and even dead people.

It’s about time. Dead people don’t have much in the way of expenses and there is no need to keep them on the dole after their period of eligibility runs out. The Administration realizes that dead people don’t vote much, except in a few districts. The money would be better used if spread around elsewhere where it can do some good.

The Administration did not say why they chose to include contractors in jail, with dead people. When you have executive privilege there are a lot of things you do not have to say. Come to think of it, I don’t believe convicted felons are allowed to vote either. Hillary launched a brief effort to restore voting  rights for felons back in 2006 . She gave up quickly, perhaps realizing that (1)if they were contractors, and (2)and they were in jail, then they must be Republicans.

The proposal appears to have universal support, as those affected have raised no objections.

Bob B

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