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The Democrat’s dilemma – go in 2012 with an apparent loser or give up the race card and draft Hillary.  The race card is pretty well played out.  It’s gone from an Ace to a Ten, or maybe a Jack at best.  Drafting Hillary would be the Democrat’s best chance, but what if Hillary declines to run?  Who is up next?  Chuck Schumer.

Sen. Schumer can bring in all of those NY State electoral votes.  He has the stridency that appeals to the party base and the NY sophistication which appeals to the party elites.  Whoever runs, it is beginning to look like it is not going to be Barack Obama.  The man has been a disaster for the economy, has dealt a crushing blow to blacks and has been a great disappointment to socialists who thought their day had finally come.

A day is like a year in politics.  But party strategists must make their decision now.  And now it looks like the Democratic candidate will be a sacrificial lamb.  Hillary isn’t the type to volunteer for a slaughter.  If not Schumer, then who, Al Sharpton?  (That was a joke).  How about Al Gore?  He won once before.


President Bush’s policy for the Mid-East was opposed by a lot of people. No one is opposed to Obama’s Mid-East policy because no one knows what it is. Now if John Kerry were president, we would know what America’s Mid-East policy would be. It would be exactly whatever the United Nations said it should be.

And on Libya, John Kerry again shows his leadership skill. Unlike Obama, who is still waiting for advice from his advisors, Kerry already has a plan. Kerry’s plan is to prepare to do something, but not to do it now. He says we must be ready to act, ready to do something in case Qaddafi does something really bad.

And then, there is Mrs. Clinton, our Secretary of State. She speaks as the voice of the most powerful nation on earth. Her stern message to all parties in the dispute is – ‘Stop It’! Nothing could be clearer than that. To show the U.S. really means it, rest assured the Secretary will continue to command all parties to Stop It, until the violence is finally over, however long that may take.

Meanwhile, the Saudi’s are getting over $100 for every barrel of oil pumped from under the sand. At least someone is benefitting from America’s foreign policy.


AP headline Obama to agencies: Don’t pay dead people

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is setting up a “do not pay” list in hopes of stopping government checks sent to those who shouldn’t get them, such as contractors who are in jail — and even dead people.

It’s about time. Dead people don’t have much in the way of expenses and there is no need to keep them on the dole after their period of eligibility runs out. The Administration realizes that dead people don’t vote much, except in a few districts. The money would be better used if spread around elsewhere where it can do some good.

The Administration did not say why they chose to include contractors in jail, with dead people. When you have executive privilege there are a lot of things you do not have to say. Come to think of it, I don’t believe convicted felons are allowed to vote either. Hillary launched a brief effort to restore voting  rights for felons back in 2006 . She gave up quickly, perhaps realizing that (1)if they were contractors, and (2)and they were in jail, then they must be Republicans.

The proposal appears to have universal support, as those affected have raised no objections.

Bob B

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Barack’s Hopeless Speech

You don’t watch the Hate channel, do you? So let me tell you; last night MSNBC’s team O-M-F turned on B-H-O. The three cohorts were unanimous in their condemnation, not only of the President’s oil spill speech, but of the entire way he has handled the BP disaster. It is a far cry from making the honored Worst Person in the World award but it is a precipitous fall from grace for Obama.

Jump to conclusion – Hillary will win the Democratic nomination for the 2012 election. Here’s how I got there, (if I may borrow that phrase). Obama is slaughtering his party. Not a single Pennsylvania politician wanted to be seen with him at his recent speech in Pittsburgh. Admit it or not, he is going to be held responsible for the outcome of this November’s elections.

The main stream press is in love with Obama’s agenda and color but not happy with how he has dealt with the press. From pre-selecting those whose questions will be accepted at après briefing to attempting to bar one of them, Fox, from white house briefings he has shown more inclination to control the press than any president before him. If it can happen to one, even Fox, it can happen to any and they know it. As Obama’s star declines, look for Hillary’s to rise.

It takes 2 to make a marriage; a single woman and an anxious mother. It takes 2 to nominate a candidate, support from the party and a favorable press. Hillary has both. Barack may soon have neither.

When the press turned from Hillary to Barack in 2008 I predicted Hillary would lose, and she did. I see the potential for the same phenomenon now, but in reverse.

Bob B

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