President Bush’s policy for the Mid-East was opposed by a lot of people. No one is opposed to Obama’s Mid-East policy because no one knows what it is. Now if John Kerry were president, we would know what America’s Mid-East policy would be. It would be exactly whatever the United Nations said it should be.

And on Libya, John Kerry again shows his leadership skill. Unlike Obama, who is still waiting for advice from his advisors, Kerry already has a plan. Kerry’s plan is to prepare to do something, but not to do it now. He says we must be ready to act, ready to do something in case Qaddafi does something really bad.

And then, there is Mrs. Clinton, our Secretary of State. She speaks as the voice of the most powerful nation on earth. Her stern message to all parties in the dispute is – ‘Stop It’! Nothing could be clearer than that. To show the U.S. really means it, rest assured the Secretary will continue to command all parties to Stop It, until the violence is finally over, however long that may take.

Meanwhile, the Saudi’s are getting over $100 for every barrel of oil pumped from under the sand. At least someone is benefitting from America’s foreign policy.

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