The Democrat’s dilemma – go in 2012 with an apparent loser or give up the race card and draft Hillary.  The race card is pretty well played out.  It’s gone from an Ace to a Ten, or maybe a Jack at best.  Drafting Hillary would be the Democrat’s best chance, but what if Hillary declines to run?  Who is up next?  Chuck Schumer.

Sen. Schumer can bring in all of those NY State electoral votes.  He has the stridency that appeals to the party base and the NY sophistication which appeals to the party elites.  Whoever runs, it is beginning to look like it is not going to be Barack Obama.  The man has been a disaster for the economy, has dealt a crushing blow to blacks and has been a great disappointment to socialists who thought their day had finally come.

A day is like a year in politics.  But party strategists must make their decision now.  And now it looks like the Democratic candidate will be a sacrificial lamb.  Hillary isn’t the type to volunteer for a slaughter.  If not Schumer, then who, Al Sharpton?  (That was a joke).  How about Al Gore?  He won once before.

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