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Democrats are still manipulating Congressional rules. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi developed the process to an art. She took popular bills a Democratic House could pass and set the rules so they would fail, all in order to publicly blame Republicans for “blocking” passage. The party, with the aid of the press, won some PR points, their constituents be damned. To Democrats like Pelosi, painting a bad face on Republicans trumps doing the will of your supporters.

Now, Republicans control the House so Nancy can’t play with the rules. But Harry Reid can; his party still controls the Senate. The filibuster is a tool intended to protect the political minority from excessive dominance by the majority. The majority never likes it. Reid wants to curtail its use in the Senate. There is a claim that the Constitution allows filibuster rules to be changed by simple majority vote provided it is done in the first day of a new Congress.

One day isn’t enough time for Harry Reid to get all his ducks in a row for the vote. So employing what the New York Times calls “a sleight-of-hand”, Harry has found a way to make a day beginning Wed Jan 5 last until Mon Jan 24. That is 456 hours, give or take an hour or two. Copernicus would be appalled.

The Times explains the trick. The Majority Leader plans to call a recess before the first day ends. That stops the legal clock. The clock starts again when the recess ends, to be scheduled for Jan 24th. We think little less manipulation and a little more negotiation would produce a little better legislation.


Transforming the United States of America from a capitalist free market society into a socialist state is the President’s goal. Implementing socialism, even gradually, into a democratic society has to be dirty work because the people will not accept it voluntarily. Obamacare was enacted against the will of the majority and with open bribery to get the votes needed in the Senate. In an unguarded moment the Speaker of the House revealed the public would not know what the law is before it is put in force. The 111th Congress became the most unpopular Congress in the recorded history if the United States. Pelosi, Reid and the Legislature did Obama’s dirty work in 2009-2010. Who will do it in 2011-2012?

An agenda is implemented through laws. There are three means to create law, Legislation, Interpretation and Regulation. The Founders intended all law to be created by Legislation. However, the courts can determine law by Interpretation. When these both fail to achieve the goal, subversives can turn to Regulation. It’s called law by “fiat”. It is the Regulators who will be doing the dirty work in 2009-2010.


Worst Congress Ever

Gallop poll

Approval rating – 13%   The lowest on historical record

Disapproval rating – 83%   The lowest in over 30 years

Please note, that doesn’t leave much room in between for the wishie-washies. Congress really lost the Democrats in the last two months. Approval by Democratic voters plunged 58%, from 38 to 16 since Oct 10th. There was almost no change among Republicans. Obama remains above the fray. His approval rating has been staying in the 44-46% range. One can only speculate why.

So let us speculate. Left wing Democratic voters are unhappy because the likes of Cap and Trade, Card Check and  the DREAM Act did not get passed. Right wing Democrats, if one can say that, are holding Congress responsible for the election results. Centrist Democrats, if there still are any, are unhappy for both reasons.

That still doesn’t answer the question why Obama’s approval rating is little affected. It’s a puzzling question. Let’s speculate again. Blacks remain solidly in support of the President. They have no such loyalty to Congress. That accounts for about 12%. The Jewish community has always been fiercely loyal to the Democratic party. They are beginning to crack but the seepage is still just a trickle. Finally, once you achieve Messiah status, you acquire a true believer following. Men fail, but God can do no wrong. Congress, as we know, is comprised of mere mortals. Very mere indeed.

UPDATE: In short, Obama’s approval remains stable while Congress’s approval plunges because Obama has the loyalty of blacks, Jews and true believers and Congress does not.


If Julian Assange, the perpetrator behind Wikileaks, were an American citizen he could likely be found guilty at some level for treason and should be punished accordingly. We recognize the seriousness of his offense but we see a lighter side as well. Take for instance the revelations of “What America Really Thinks of World Leaders”.

To the outer world, diplomats appear to live in a nether land of obscuration, speaking a stilted language of hints and innuendo trying all the while to say something and nothing at the same time. It is refreshing indeed to see what diplomats have to say when even the bald among them let their hair down and speak their minds free from the perceived need for political correctness and diplotalk.

We hear Kim Jong Il described as “a flabby old chap suffering from physical and psychological trauma.” We knew that. But somehow we weren’t sure the State Department knew it because we never heard them say it before.

We are told Omar Gadaffi is strange and learn he travels accompanied by a voluptuous Ukrainian “nurse”. We always knew he was mentally mad. But now we know he must not be totally mad.

Our diplomats tell our other diplomats that Italian President Silvio Berlusconi parties so hard he can’t get enough sleep to function well at his daytime government job. Berlusconi laughs. Germany’s foreign minister is criticized. Merkel doesn’t laugh. The German sense of humor has been missing for as long as that first sock that never came back from the dryer.

So…  Hillary ordered her diplomats to spy on some other diplomats at the UN. That revelation nearly put us to sleep. We have wondered at times if the UN was founded as a cost saving measure. Having all the spies and all the diplomats in one place all the time, cuts down on a lot of travel expense. And as anyone who has seen a James Bond movie knows, spies can rack up some huge expense accounts.

And then we learned things some of us really didn’t know. Hamid Karzai is “delusional” and “paranoid” when “off his meds.” But Nancy Pelosi comes out very well. She had the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) “scared to death” on the eve of her visit in 2009. Nancy has been an outspoken supporter of the Chinese freedom activists and of Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. Well done, Nancy!


Republicans are being condemned for blocking passage of the House bill to extend unemployment benefits. But wait; how can that be when Democrats control the House, the Senate and the Presidency?

The answer is the Democrats under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi carried out a strategy of presenting the bill under rules that would assure its failure. A credible claim could then be made that Republicans blocked the bill and cut income off to the unemployed at the start of the holiday season. It was a knight’s move in the game of politics.

Here is how it was done. Under the normal standing rules of the House a bill only needs a simple majority to pass. The bill as it was just presented, garnered 63% of the votes, so under the regular rules, it would have clearly passed the House. Two special rules had to be invoked to assure the bill’s timely failure. First of all, amendment proposals were disallowed, and second, a special rule requiring a supermajority for passage was invoked. With these two moves Speaker Pelosi engineered the failure of the bill.

One more step was taken to insure solid Republican voting against the bill. The cost wasn’t funded. It was stipulated that new borrowing be undertaken to meet the cost.

Surely it must be less than 1% of the public that is familiar with the Rules of the House. The press is little more aware of the intricacies of the rules and how they can be employed strategically. The watch dog is asleep. There could be little fear the public would see the ploy. But the fact remains, only the Democrats had the power to kill the bill. This they did. It was an action against the interests of their constituency taken for political gain and the public is none the wiser.



We said Nancy was done; only the radicals will support her. Well, the radicals are supporting her and there are more of them in the Democratic Party than we would have guessed.

There is a body of opinion that argues it will be good for Republicans in 2012 and that may be true. But it won’t be good for the nation. The next two years are going to be acrimonious enough in any event, and only more so if she is in there stirring the pot (even without her gavel).

Her ardent supporters are actually throwing President Obama under the bus. They are saying the election rout wasn’t Nancy’s fault; Obama did it. Have you noticed, when the Republicans got burned in 2008 they just moped. But now the Democrats got burned this year and the Party is coming unhinged. Not only do they not “get it” about the American people, they don’t “get it” between themselves.


Defeated Democrats Implore Pelosi to Leave. Read it here.

A reasonable leader would find the grace to take defeat and retire with pride. Pride for what she did? Yes, pride. We abhor her goals and her methods. We detest what she accomplished. But she could have rejected us as we have her and walked into her own world with the knowledge that she did what presidents before her could not. For what we call Obamacare was named after its father but it was Nancy who gave it birth.

Now she fights on after the war has been lost and in her stubbornness turns on those who made her accomplishments possible only months ago. Radicals are unreasonable by nature. Thankfully they tend to be internally divisive as well. The radicals are scattered and only radicals will support her now. Nancy is done.

As far as she is concerned our time for anger is passed. Neither do we have time for pity.There is too much we have to do now that the sun is coming back out.

For instance:


Sinking Solidarity Within the Democratic Party

Democratic candidates are spending three times more advertising their stance against Obamacare than they are in support of it. Read more here.

Thirty-one Congressional Democrats sign a petition to Nancy Pelosi (D San Francisco) urging continuation of all the Bush tax cuts. Read more here.

Tennessee Democrat and Congressional candidate Brett Carter is asking Nancy Pelosi (D, San Francisco) to step down for the good of the Democratic party. Read more here.

Democrats expel Democrats from Democratic Party event. “It ain’t about Nancy. It’s about Black people”. Read more here.


Democratic Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton left the following message, which by now must be infamous, on a lobbyist’s voice mail.

I was, frankly, uh, uh, surprised to see that we don’t have a record, so far as I can tell, of your having given to me despite my uh, long and deep uh, work. In fact, it’s been my major work, uh, on the committee and sub-committee it’s been essentially in your sector.

I am, I’m simply candidly calling to ask for a contribution. As the senior member of the um, committee and a sub-committee chair, we have (chuckles) obligations to raise, uh funds. And, I think it must have been me who hasn’t, frankly, uh, done my homework to ask for a contribution earlier. So I’m trying to make up for it by asking for one now, when we particularly, uh, need, uh contributions, particularly those of us who have the seniority and chairmanships and are in a position to raise the funds.

Breitbart’s Big Government reports that Rep. Norton was just one of many Democrats making shakedown calls at the behest of Nancy Pelosi. This is exactly the type of Gangster Government the people of this nation are rising up against. It is particularly galling coming from the party that claims so loud and clear, and often too, that they are not beholden to lobbyists.

“those of us who have the seniority and chairmanships and are in a position to raise the funds” is political talk that means we are the dons who can order the goons not to break your children’s legs. Perhaps that’s going too far. Let’s just say it means we are the ones that can approve those $2,000 toilet seats you want to sell to the Pentagon.

There are a lot of honest Democrats. I’m sure of that. I just don’t think any of them hold political office.


As the video attests, Nancy Pelosi has promised union members that the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) will be enacted. There is no better example of propagandic than the title of this proposed law. The sole purpose of the Employee Free Choice Act is to hinder free choice. The name of the bill infers exactly the opposite of the intent of the bill.

The EFCA is a simple piece of legislation. Under the proposed law union organizers only need to get half of the employees to sign a card and the shop becomes unionized. Secret balloting becomes disallowed. If the bill becomes law, intimidation and broken legs are sure to follow.

Do not fail to vote in November! Those elections will still be confidential.

Bob B

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